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Aptos. Move Monday №20 (15 August):

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Aptos hosted a weekly Move Monday AMA session focused on developers, where they shared information about the devnet update, Aptos Incentivized Testnet 3 (AIT3), the Move to Typescript transpiler and talked about some improvements. In this article, we will share the bullet points from this session.

Move to TypeScript transpiler presentation. Devs are experimenting with TypeScript to Move as well. https://www.loom.com/share/aab04547854b4b3a87d240939dd00dba

Auto-generated TypeScript SDK
- Data loader

- Transaction builder

- Move code execution


- Rewards now depend on Proposal Performance.

- Improvements to state sync.

- Backup data.

- Slightly modified gas price.


New staking model.

Instead of constant use of CLI, there will be interaction of Aptos wallet with the web platform.

Governance. Voting for e.g. gas price or staking rewards.

They’ll be testing upgradability.

The ability to backup and replace wallets without major problems, key manipulation.

There will be slots to people who have performed well during the past testnets.

KYC, an account, wallet and validator node will be required.

Registration is scheduled for August 19 and more information will be published soon.

Technical part

REST API v1.Changelog.

Aptos is in the process of redesigning Indexer. If there are specific requests, let them know.

Move for a Solidity developer will not be very difficult. Move is logical, secure, and resource-oriented.

Token standard is still evolving, not the final version right now.

The choice of Aptos CLI or Python SDK depends on what you need to do. There is no single correct answer.

Aptos is hiring.

Key dates:

- AIT3 registration — August 19

- Code freeze — August 25

- AIT3 launch — August 30

- AIT3 concludes — September 9

- Mainnet Launch — Autumn

- AIT4 — Winter

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