Instructions for pre-registering for Pontem Nox Kusama Crowdloan


KSM holders will be able to participate in the Pontem Nox Crowdloan either by contributing from an unhosted wallet through the Pontem web app or directly from a participating exchange.

If you are contributing through the Pontem web app, you will need to sign an agreement to the Terms and Conditions with the KSM address you will be using to participate in the crowdloan. Pre-registering will save you time once the Auction begins.

To pre-register for the whitelist go to the Pontem web app

1) Make sure that you qualify for the Terms and Conditions. According to our T&C, the following countries are NOT eligible to participate: ‘Any jurisdiction, including but not limited to the following countries: United States of America, its Territories and Possessions, any state of The United States, The District Of Columbia, Canada, the People’s Republic of China, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Cuba, Syria, Iran, Sudan, and the People’s Republic of Crimea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Iran, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Yemen.’

2) Enter your email on the first screen. This email will be associated with your KSM Address and will be used for tracking your referral bonus rewards. If you are already whitelisted, you can check your referral status by clicking “check your referral status” below the email submission form.

3) Read through carefully our Terms and Conditions for the crowdloan and if you are not a disqualified person, click the checkbox agreeing to the terms and then click on the “Sign” button.

4) You will now need to connect your Kusama Address to sign the terms and conditions with the Polkadot.JS extension. Click the “Connect to Polkadot.JS” Button which should either open up the extension or prompt you to download it. ***Note that the Polkadot.JS extension only works on Chrome and Firefox***

If after you install the extension, you are still getting the popup that says “Extension not installed” then you might need to refresh the page.

5) Pick the wallet you will be using to sign the terms and conditions. You will first receive a popup on the Polkadot.JS extension asking you to give our website access ***Ensure the URL in your browser starts with “

6) Choose the Kusama Address you will be using. If no addresses populate in the “Select an account” field, then sign in with your wallet or create a new account.

If you don’t have an account, click the “+” sign in the circle to create a new account. Make sure you safely store your mnemonic phrase!

Also make sure your account works on “any chain” or the ‘Kusama Relay’ chain by clicking the 3 dot menu next to the account name

If you still see no accounts in the “select account” drop down, then refresh the page.

7) After selecting the correct account, click “Sign.” Polkadot.JS should pop up. Enter your wallet password and click “sign the message”

8) Share the unique referral link that comes up with your friends to earn rewards

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  1. Blockchain fees. Most NFTs are issued on the Ethereum blockchain, where you have to pay for gas. NFT minting involves a complex smart contract and thus requires a lot more gas than simply sending crypto. Plus, the gas has been very expensive in the past few months, so you can expect to pay at least $50–100 in gas fees per NFT collection.
  2. Marketplace fees. While you can issue an NFT on your own, it will be hard to promote it and find buyers. That’s why most creators work with NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible. And while minting NFTs on OpenSea is technically gasless and free, there is a gas fee to initialize a seller account and accept a bid from a buyer — expect to pay around $150 in total. On Rarible, the costs can exceed $600.
  • Facebook has almost 3 billion monthly active users, giving Diem the largest potential audience of any blockchain project on earth;
  • The stablecoin will probably get integrated into transactions on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Whatsapp (shopping, paying for ads, sending money to friends etc.);
  • Facebook can afford to hire the best developers and marketers, so the execution and promotion will be top-notch;
  • Diem’s programming language, Move, is safe, flexible, and well-suited for writing smart contracts;
  • It should be possible to add third-party dApps to the Diem ecosystem — think of WeChat with its thousands of mini programs, but on blockchain.

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