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Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your interest in the project. We have collected all your most popular questions and answered them here. If you haven't found the answer, we will be happy to answer in our Telegram chat.

Q1 - How can I participate in the pre-sale?

A1 - There is currently no pre-sale open to the public, although we are scoping out a private treasury round for institutions. If you are with a fund or an accredited investor and would like to participate, please fill out our inbound form. Our first token distribution event will be a Kusama crowdloan which acts similar to an airdrop except that you need to lock up your Kusama for a period of 48 weeks. There will be a ratio of tokens you will receive for each KSM. Register for the whitelist here.

Q2 - When will the token be released?

A2 - We plan on participating in the upcoming Kusama Auctions soon. We will soon release a whitelist registration form for this so stay tuned.

Q3 - Where can I get news regarding everything for Pontem Network?

A3 - You can visit our resources section to learn more about Pontem and our use cases, follow our announcement channel for news and content and follow us on Twitter. You can also fill out our inbound form to be notified when our whitelist is released

Q4 - When do you plan on participating in the Crowdloans?

A4 - We plan on participating in the upcoming Kusama Auctions soon. We will soon release a whitelist registration form for this so stay tuned. Or fill out our inbound form with your email to be notified.

Q5 - Who can I contact regarding Marketing or Partnerships?

A5 - You can fill out our inbound form here or message @Toddizzzle

Q6 - Are you planning any pre-sale similar to the Moonbeam take flight event?

A6 - We are evaluating this yes, but have not come to a decision on it yet. If there is enough demand then perhaps. Please fill out our inbound form to let us know if you would be interested in participating.

Q7 - Are you guys partnered with Meta or have contracts or association with Meta?

A7 - We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Meta( Facebook), the Diem Association or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. We are building with their open source technology and closely follow their developments.

Q8 - Do you guys plan on participating in the DOT Auctions too?

A8 - Yes, We will first launch on Kusama and after success we will participate in the DOT Crowdloans as well. Our Kusama and Polkadot networks will be complementary to each other and each have their own use cases.

Q9 - Will there be a step by step guide for once everything is announced?

A9 - Yes, The team will be presenting a step by step guide to help the end users contribute to the Kusama crowdloans.

Q10 - Will there be an announcement for when to unbond our KSM or DOT?

A10 - Yes, we will make sure our community has enough time to unbond their KSM prior to the crowdloan starting so they can get early bird bonus rewards for their contributions

Q10 - What will happen if Diem fails and does not launch?

A10 - This is a real risk for our business model which users should be aware of and our partners and investors understand. However, we are fairly confident Diem will get regulatory approval to launch as Facebook shifts focus to financial services through Novi in their Metaverse strategy. If for any reason Diem is not going to launch we will assess our options for how to best use the technology we’ve developed.

Q11 - Will there be any incentives for the testnet?

A11 - No there is currently no incentives for our testnet, however if you are interested in becoming validators when we launch on Kusama please fill out our inbound form and start setting up a collator node by following the guide in our docs

Q12 - Are there any gifts for participating in your Crowdloan?

A12 - We are evaluating giving out limited edition NFTs for participating, but no promises. Stay tuned to find out. Fill out our inbound form and subscribe to our announcement channel to be notified.

Q13 - How long will I have to lock my KSM up for?

A13 - 48 weeks

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  1. Blockchain fees. Most NFTs are issued on the Ethereum blockchain, where you have to pay for gas. NFT minting involves a complex smart contract and thus requires a lot more gas than simply sending crypto. Plus, the gas has been very expensive in the past few months, so you can expect to pay at least $50–100 in gas fees per NFT collection.
  2. Marketplace fees. While you can issue an NFT on your own, it will be hard to promote it and find buyers. That’s why most creators work with NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible. And while minting NFTs on OpenSea is technically gasless and free, there is a gas fee to initialize a seller account and accept a bid from a buyer — expect to pay around $150 in total. On Rarible, the costs can exceed $600.
  • Facebook has almost 3 billion monthly active users, giving Diem the largest potential audience of any blockchain project on earth;
  • The stablecoin will probably get integrated into transactions on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Whatsapp (shopping, paying for ads, sending money to friends etc.);
  • Facebook can afford to hire the best developers and marketers, so the execution and promotion will be top-notch;
  • Diem’s programming language, Move, is safe, flexible, and well-suited for writing smart contracts;
  • It should be possible to add third-party dApps to the Diem ecosystem — think of WeChat with its thousands of mini programs, but on blockchain.

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