The Pontem Nox Kusama Crowdloan - Everything you need to know.


What is the Pontem Nox Crowdloan?

We have the pleasure of announcing the next step in our development: our Kusama Crowdloan.
The Kusama Crowdloan is a great way to support the projects that you believe in by helping them win a parachain slot auction. Individual contributors lock up their KSM tokens for a 48-week period to aid Pontem in securing a parachain slot on Kusama. In return for contributing, the reward is NOX tokens, the native token of our canary network on Kusama. You will also receive your original KSM tokens back when the slot lease period is over after 48 weeks.

Pontem is launching an incentivized ‘canary’ network on Kusama, Pontem Nox, where code and features will first ship before being deployed on the Pontem Network on Polkadot. Pontem Nox on Kusama will be a no-limits, community-led permissionless network that serves as a sandbox for integrating regulatory compliance. It will be a canary network for Pontem on Polkadot features, as well as provide a regulatory compliant bridge to Pontem on Polkadot. This is a large stride towards our vision to provide financial infrastructure for the Metaverse.

Join the whitelist to learn more about Pontem’s plans.

Why contribute to the Pontem Nox Crowdloan?

Pontem is building the first incentivized dev environment for Diem that is aiming to be fully compatible with the technology and the VASP regulatory framework for launching applications on Diem. We started our journey earlier this year and have already garnered support from thousands in our Telegram, Twitter and Discord communities. In the short time Pontem has been around, we’ve already delivered a Web3 Foundation grant to make the Move Virtual Machine available as a pallet on Substrate as well as delivered our first milestone for Parity’s coveted Substrate Builders Program. Our testnet is now live with various enthusiasts now setting up collator nodes prior to us launching our main network first on Kusama. You can download our tools to get started building on our testnet today.

Our end goal is to build financial infrastructure that connects the permissionless and permissioned metaverses that will be co-existing in the future. To read more about our vision check out this article on why we are building Pontem.

NOX Token Utility

Similar to the PONT token on Polkadot, the NOX token coin will serve a similar function to other blockchain tokens such as DOT in that it will align incentives across actors on the network and reward good behaviour.
Some of the initial utility features of the token are as follows:

  • Payment of gas fees for the Move VM and transaction validation.
  • Governance of network upgrades and features
  • As rewards for crowdloans participants of parachain auctions on Polkadot/Kusama.
  • Staking (collators/nominators) and governance (rewarding voters and collators/nominators for participating in governance).

The initial supply of the NOX token will be 100 million with a target yearly inflation rate of 5%. 50% of inflation will go to incentivize users to stake NOX tokens through the collator nomination process. 20% will go towards incentivizing collators to run a staking node and the rest will go towards the treasury to reserve a parachain slot in the future.

NOX Token rewards

NOX is the token of the Nox canary network, with up to 22.5% of the token supply being allocated to crowdloan rewards (15% base + up to 50% more in bonus rewards). There is no minimum or maximum contribution, and users will receive base rewards of ~67.56 NOX for every KSM contributed (15M NOX / 222K KSM max cap). It’s important to note that inorder to receive rewards, users must have a whitelisted address, and not be a disqualified person*

Bonus Token Rewards: Up to 7.5% of the total token supply is reserved for bonus token rewards.

Early Backer: 30% bonus for early pre-registrations for the whitelist as well as early investors of PONT. To qualify for this bonus, you'll need to pre-register at least 1 week prior to our crowdloan date announcement

Early contributions: 10% of the bonus token rewards are allocated to contributors from the first 3 days of the crowaloan, meaning any contributor who bonds to the Nox crowdloan before day 3 of the auction.

Referrals: 5% of the bonus token rewards will be split 50/50 given to referrers and referees

Calculate your total rewards by using the convenient calculator on our website.

In parallel, we will also be bootstrapping the Pontem Nox Treasury which will be used to sustainably cover the KSM bond requirement in the future by contributing KSM directly from the treasury. Private contributors to the treasury will also have the benefit of having their initial KSM contributions included in the crowdloan to also reap the rewards of the crowdloan, although their KSM will then go back to the treasury after 48 weeks.  

If you’re just as excited to contribute to the crowdloan as we are to announce it, you can contribute either directly from a non-custodial wallet, or through a partner exchange which will be announced in the future. If you send KSM directly from a non-custodial wallet, your address must be whitelisted, which could mean going through KYC in order to receive rewards.

This is an exhilarating new step for the Pontem Network and brings us one move closer to making blockchain and crypto development more accessible. If you would like to keep up to date with information on the crowdloan, like when it starts, follow our Twitter or join our Telegram chat where we will post updates as they come in.

Get a deeper look into what Pontem is and how we plan to help the crypto world develop by checking out our website.

*Disqualified persons are those that don’t meet our privacy policy and terms and conditions which dictate that one must be at least 18 years of age and not be part of ‘Any jurisdiction, including but not limited to the following countries: United States of America, its Territories and Possessions, any state of The United States, The District Of Columbia, Canada, the People’s Republic of China, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Cuba, Syria, Iran, Sudan, and the People’s Republic of Crimea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Iran, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Yemen.’

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