Pontem x DIA


Pontem is excited to announce their newest partnership with DIA (Decentralised Information Asset), integrating their oracles into the Pontem Networks on Kusama and Polkadot.

This integration will allow users to access DIA oracle data including price feeds for popular assets like BTC, ETH, and more. The oracles will also deliver on-chain data from other parachains that DIA is integrated with, such as Moonbeam and Acala.

This partnership is the latest step Pontem has taken into developing their canary network on  the Kusama blockchain. The project recently announced their Pontem Nox token generation event, a crowdloan on the Kusama network meant to help the project win a parachain slot auction. With a parachain on Kusama, developers can test their designs and code in real economic conditions before shipping them to the Pontem Network on Polkadot.

Pontem is a development platform where users can build and test their own no-code solutions. DIA’s open-source oracles will provide the data feeds necessary for dApps to communicate directly with trusted data, allowing them to build reliable products.

The Pontem Network on Polkadot is built with a similar codebase to the Meta (Facebook) backed Diem blockchain, and aims to be a canary network for the Diem network where users can build, test, and deploy their own d Apps on the Polkadot network before migrating the the Diem blockchain. With the Nox network on Kusama, Pontem is creating its very own canary network where developers can test features and integrate regulatory compliance under real economic conditions before shipping to Pontem on Polkadot.

The project is excited about the integration of DIA oracles into their canary network on Kusama and is looking forward to the further development of the Nox network. If you are unfamiliar with blockchain oracles and their function, Pontem has an extensive article explaining them in full detail.

If you are interested in learning more, Join our AMA with DIA on December, 14:
The first half an hour at 10:00 AM — 10:30 AM EST on DIA Twitter space by voice.
The second part at 10:30 AM — 11:00 AM EST on Pontem Telegram chat by text.

About DIA

DIA (Decentralised Information Asset) is an open-source financial information platform that utilizes crypto-economic incentives to source and validate data. Market actors can source, supply, use, and share financial and digital asset data. DIA provides custom tailored data feeds that can source both on- and off-chain data that can be on any blockchain. DIA's data sources and methodologies are transparent and publicly accessible for everyone.

About Pontem
Pontem is building a bridge to connect the Diem Blockchain to the decentralized ecosystem of public permissionless blockchains like Ethereum via Polkadot. This will expose Facebook’s 2.7 billion users to any crypto use-case, from decentralized finance (DeFi) to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). With Pontem Network and development platform, users can build and test apps on Polkadot and other popular blockchains before migrating their products to the Diem Blockchain.