Welcome to Our Ambassador Program!

Pontem is building foundational products for the Aptos Blockchain using Move technology

Ways to contibute

Code contributions

Code or documentation & tutorial improvement.

Event manager

Organize local meetups and workshops. Events can be also hosted online, such as AMA sessions or interesting discussions on Twitter Spaces.


Create localized content for your region in local languages. This means helping us translate our articles and creating your own educational materials about Pontem Project.

Refer a friend

Help us spread the news about Pontem Project among your audience and get reward for that.

Ambassador benefits


Early bird access to earning opportunites like bounties and token generation events.


First in line to get merchandise (some free based on accomplishments).

Get in Close circle

Access to core team members and Pontem events.

Become an Ambassador

Feel free to suggest your own initiative on helping Pontem Project by applying in the form below.

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