Bytebabel EVM is coming soon to Aptos

ByteBabel: Solidity to Move bytecode translator

Try Ethereum Virtual Machine at 100,000 tps. On Aptos, the safest & most scalable blockchain

6 Reasons to try EVM on Aptos

Incredibly fast & scalable

Sub-second finality and over 100k TPS at >$0.001 per transaction

Get the first-mover advantage

Aptos ecosystem is a billion-dollar opportunity – join it early

Easy deployment on Aptos

Translate Solidity into Move modules – no re-coding needed

Advanced but user-friendly

Generate ABI to request Move modules on Solidity & vice versa

Works both ways

Generate a Move interface to request Solidity code from Move

All Ethereum tools supported

Code in Solidity or Vyper and use MetaMask, Remix, Truffle, etc.