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Pontem is a Move VM smart contract platform compatible with the Facebook‑backed Diem Blockchain

Deploy Testnet



Experiment and build applications in a Pontem Network local environment.

Package Manager

Install and maintain software packages to build applications interoperable with the Diem Blockchain.

IDE Extension

Write and test Move language smart contracts more efficiently.

Pontem blocks

No Code Smart Contract Tool
Coming Soon

Build smart contracts with this low-code tool with pre-made Move templates.


Trade, hold, and send tokens with a wallet designed for Polkadot and Move VM applications.

Coming Soon

Block Explorer

Explore data and visualizations for transactions, mined blocks, and more.

Coming Soon

Technical Resources

Get started Guide

Start building applications on Pontem Network with this step by step guide

Resource center

Dive into resources on Polkadot & Facebook’s Diem Blockchain and how it’s changing crypto.


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