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Pontem is a product development studio working closely with Aptos Labs to prioritize a roadmap of products

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Trade, hold, and send tokens with a wallet designed for Polkadot and Move VM applications.

Liquidswap on Aptos

Liquidswap is the first AMM for Aptos - the most performant & reliable L1 built with Move VM

Pontem Products

Learn more about the products that Pontem is building on Aptos

Move Code Playground

Build, test, and run Move packages with just a web browser.

IDE Extension

Write and test Move language smart contracts more efficiently.


Swap assets on Aptos or provide liquidity to earn trading fees

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Pontem blocks

No Code Smart Contract Tool
Coming Soon

Build smart contracts with this low-code tool with pre-made Move templates.

Block Explorer

Explore data and visualizations for transactions, mined blocks, and more.

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Technical Resources

Get started Guide

Start building applications with Pontem Network with these guides

Resource center

Dive into resources on Pontem & Aptos  and the evolving crypto landscape.


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