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The Experimentation Platform for Facebook Backed Diem
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A network for flight testing Diem Apps

Facebook-backed Diem is creating infrastructure for the financial inclusion of billions. Applications will be accessible to Facebook's 2.8 billion active users on its ecosystem of apps like WhatsApp or Instagram. The first use case will be single and multi currency stablecoins.

Pontem Network is a Substrate-based Move VM Proof of Stake bridge to the Diem Blockchain

Diem Limitations

Permissioned blockchain limits use cases for apps
Siloed liquidity from public cryptocurrencies
High barriers to entry with strict compliance
High cost to finding product market fit

Pontem Network Features

PROVIDES technology FOR PRODUCT market fit testing

Pontem introduces creators to Diem’s potential and provides them with the ability to validate ideas before submitting to Diem

Taps into liquidity of popular blockchains

Using existing cross-blockchain bridges, Pontem connects to external blockchains & taps into their resources


The network comes with a broad set of tools and ready-made modules to allow product managers to focus on the product

Fully compatible with the Diem platform and tools

Products and solutions are easily migratable to Diem, thus a user traction loop from Diem is highly probable.

Technical Architecture

Parathread on Substrate

Pontem network is a Polkadot parathread that supports safer & more advanced smart contracts

Liquidity protocols and oracle integrations

Integration with existing liquidity protocols, include Ethereum ones (using different Polkadot bridges)

Reference version of Diem Move technology

Fully compatible Move virtual machine and standard library. Use the same code base and tools on both Pontem & Diem

Deployer for Dapp packaging & submission

Complete Toolsets to develop your own Dapp projects, including a package manager

First Use Case

Pontem Blocks

Pontem Blocks is a universal interface that allows the creation of different products, services or even other blocks. Create strategies, bundle up operations in one transaction or develop your own blocks and earn. Imagination is the only limit
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Please note that the team reserves the right to make changes at any time

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