Liquidswap on Aptos

Liquidswap is the first AMM for Aptos - the most performant & reliable L1 built with Move VM
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Why Aptos?

Performance, safety & reliability

With up to 160,000 transactions per second and less than 1 second finality, Aptos is ideal for DeFi with dramatically reduced risk of exploits and network downtime.

Unique expertise

The devs behind Liquidswap were the first to bring a Move VM implementation to Polkadot's Substrate and Cosmos's IBC. We are in a prime position to revolutionize the DEX experience across chains with the Move VM.

Backed by the best

We have the support of Aptos Labs, Alameda Research, Animoca Brands, Mechanic Capital, and 30+ more leading companies.

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Trade, pool & farm on Aptos

The first pool on Liquidswap will be PONT / APT, with many more to follow as the ecosystem grows. Deposit liquidity in the pool and earn rewards in PONT and native assets.

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The pioneers of Aptos DeFi

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DeFi on Aptos is a billion-dollar opportunity. Pre-register and join Pontem’s journey to build world-class products on this most scalable and secure of L1 blockchains.

Discover Pontem

Pontem Network creates cutting-edge products based on Move that can be deployed across blockchains. Liquidswap is just the beginning: our vision is a full dApp ecosystem leveraging the security and speed of Aptos and Move.

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