Integrate Move & Aptos into your projects

Move Intellij IDE Plugin

The first Intellij IDE plugin for Move

Used to building projects in Intellij IDEs like PyCharm or Clion? Now you can add Move to your stack – the ultimate secure smart contract language designed by Meta.

Experiment with Move and build dApps for Move-compatible blockchains like Aptos – all in the IDE you’re used to.

What’s new



New Features

  • Add support for vector literals
 let a = vector[1, 1];

    • Add validation to Run Configurations.
    • Add colored output support for aptos command


    • "Code -> Optimize Imports" action now correctly differentiate between names and types.
    • Fix false-positive with import aliases in "Unused import" inspection.
    • Fix field shorthand pattern rename breaking the highlighting.
    • Fix renaming of function parameter usages in specifications.


    • Fix Gradle properties loading.
    • Update Gradle Intellij plugin, add PluginConfigVerification step to CI.
    Previous releases

    Key features

    Syntax highlighting

    Plugin can differentiate between keywords and non-keywords based on context and has extensive error recovery support. A missing brace won’t break your code.

    Type inference support

    See the most common errors highlighted and get intelligent type hints, with completion suggestions sorted by expected type.

    Symbol support

    Quickly find a function signature, highlight its usages, and auto-complete. The Rename refactoring feature quickly renames items across the project and its dependencies.

    Error checks on-the-fly

    The plugin finds errors in the Move compiler as you go to maximize your productivity. You can even apply quick fixes without writing new code.

    Automated use statement handling

    The Move plugin generates use statements based on the completion suggestions and helps you sort them and remove unused one.

    Move Project Model

    The plugin understands the structure, modules, and dependencies of your Move project and stores all the data in a regularly updated Project Model.

    Automated code formatting

    The plugin features a unique Move auto-formatter that can be easily invoked with a command.

    Plugin Advantages

    Supports all Intellij IDEs

    The plugin works with PyCharm, CLion, IDEA, and other Jetbrains IDEs

    100% free

    The Move plugin is free of charge and runs smoothly with the community editions of the major Intellij IDEs

    An easy start

    All you need to build your first Move project is the Aptos CLI, an Intellij IDE, and our Move plugin

    A pleasure to work with

    The plugin supports syntax highlighting, go-to-definition function, type inference, code formatting, rename refactoring, etc.

    Build for Aptos

    Move is the language used in Aptos, one of the most promising and scalable blockchain networks in the world

    Discover the power of Move the easy way

    The language of the future

    Move is the most secure and efficient smart contract language – a far better match for the future blockchain ecosystem than Solidity.

    Fully usable

    Using the plugin and our Move browser code editor, you can create smart contracts, tokens, and complete dApps for Aptos and other Move VM-compatible chains.

    Build for the first billion users

    Aptos and Pontem are working together to onboard the first billion blockchain users through dApps built with Move. Join the revolution!

    Safe & scalable

    Move helps you avoid the most common pitfalls when building smart contracts. It’s also expressive, efficient, and fast

    Try it now!

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