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The Experimentation Platform for Meta (Facebook) Backed Diem
Diem will revolutionize crypto. Start building with Pontem Network
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An incentivized dev environment for Diem

Diem is blockchain infrastructure for the financial inclusion of Facebook's 3.2 billion daily active users.

Pontem Network cost efficiently maintains Diem interoperability with decentralized applications. Pontem enables product testing in an internationally regulated market through a compliance tooling dev platform to streamline the Diem Association certification processes.

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Diem Development Challenges

Permissioned blockchain makes developing interoperability costly
Siloed liquidity from permissionless crypto
High barriers to entry with strict compliance
High cost for finding product market fit

Pontem Network Features

Sandbox for diem

Discover Diem’s potential. Pontem lets you validate ideas before porting to the Diem Blockchain.

multi-chain liquidity

Pontem uses existing bridges to connect liquidity and data from other permissionless networks to the permissioned Diem Blockchain

Development FRAMEWORKs

Focus on user experience. Pontem integrates with a broad suite of developer tools and pre-built smart contract modules so teams can focus on their product, not blockchain infrastructure.

Compatible with DIEM

Pontem Network is the easiest way to build apps for Diem. Iterate quickly on a permissionless, incentivized network that is interoperable with the Diem Blockchain.
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Technical Architecture

Built on Substrate

Polkadot compatible blockchain that supports safe and flexible industry standard WebAssembly (WASM) smart contracts.

Web 3 integrations

Integration with polkadot projects as well as Ethereum and other layer 1 decentralized services utilizing polkadot bridges

Diem compatible Move technology

Fully compatible Move virtual machine and standard library using a code base and tools that are compatible with Diem

Move language development framework

Complete Toolset to develop applications using a Move language package manager and compiler.

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Use Case

Blocks Builder

The Pontem Blocks Builder is a no code / low code user interface for building smart contracts. With pre-made templates for common use cases, it is easy to start building for Diem
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Please note that the team reserves the right to make changes at any time