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We remind you that on December 14, Pontem Network with DIA held an AMA session!

We are happy to announce our winners:

1. $100 - metaverserk won for the best question which is "How i can involve my grandma in metaverse?"
2. $100 - j2k2r won for the attendance.
3. $50 - Maksim71454582 won for the random retweet.

You can get acquainted with the DIA’s first half an hour of the session here:

The questions of the Pontem part you can see below:

Do you believe that decentralized finance and future privacy regulations can - and will - coexist harmoniously?

Great question. Happy to offer some color.
Although DeFi is rapidly evolving, it only represents a tiny fraction of the global financial market. With time, these two will influence and complement each other, resulting in a very interesting financial landscape.
We will see DeFi getting more regulated to meet the needs of regulated entities and deliver products for it. At the same time, we will also see new infrastructure adoption by the the traditional space improving efficiency and transparency.

Great perspective. Here at Pontem we also are building tools to help DeFi projects adhere to evolving regulations affecting crypto such as the recommendations for Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) that FATF puts out and which will be necessary to abide by in order to launch applications on Diem.

What type of collaboration are you doing with DIA ?

Our partnership with DIA allows us to enable DeFi primitive use cases on Pontem and across other parachains on Kusama / Polkadot.
Our plan is to support various use cases on our network starting with Kusama and Polkadot native DeFi. We want to make Pontem a hub for cross-parachain DeFi that is compliant with FATF's Virtual Asset Service Provider Framework. DIA's integrations in the Polkadot / Kusama ecosystem + extensive available data from the rest of the crypto space such as large established exchanges allows us to offer the infrastructure necessary for these use cases.

This gon be massive? Even if its ugly facebook?

As a large tech company with billions of users, we believe their entry into crypto will help the industry reach mass adoption. Due to the open principles of web3, we believe people will have choices in how they interact with each other. As an example, Novi (meta's wallet) not only will support Diem but also other stablecoins like Paxos USD.

What is the road map of DIA?

In the past months we have been working hard to build DIA’s foundation. Early on we believed in the emergence of a cross-chain ecosystem--12 months ago we built a substrate based off-chain worker when parachains were still a thing of the distant future.
In 2022 we will continue to expand our positioning as the go-to and best in class solution when it comes to high growth L1 and L2s. We will continue to integrate markets that are native to such chains and ecosystems.
By being available anywhere with the broadest set of markets as sources we continue to provide a solution that is unique in the space and clearly differentiates us from the competition.
Projects today are building lending markets, NFT markets, and derivatives in ecosystems such as Shiden/ Astar, Moonriver/ Moonbeam, Near/ Aurora and Solana to just mention a few we integrated with will be 2022/ 2023 DeFi leading projects.
But our ambitious product mission goes much further including providing the ability to design even easier very specific feeds by selecting methodologies and markets for different use cases.
On the DAO site we continue to further push the level of involvement of the community by active contribution, validation and discussion in various areas.
2022 will be a great year with lots of exciting new product and partnership updates.

How i can involve my grandma in metaverse?

Lol. I hope as a grandpa I will also be deep in the metaverse.
It is likely that the metaverse in the future will become as ubiquitous as the smart phones we have in our pockets. As the technology for AR/VR gets better and more affordable we will be able to have more immersive experiences with those closest to us like our grandparents. I imagine a world where no matter where I am in, I can go and visit my grandma in her favorite cafe, and it will feel like I am actually there.
Great question and great response Alejo.
At the moment the metaverse is accessible to those with a niche understanding of the products we use to interact with the space. Facebook rebranding to Meta makes our grandparents interacting with Metaverse products tangible as it introduces brand familiarity.

Why is DIA better than ChainLink?

Our main difference versus Chainlink is how we approach data--we’ve placed a strong emphasis on transparency and data management. We provide end-to-end transparency on how we are interacting with data sources, performing computations, and how we publish data. For context, we pull data directly from the source--CEX APIs or directly from on-chain markets. This raw data can be customised for any purpose. Users can choose the sources and the methodologies that make up a price feed and have it delivered to any ecosystem, including: Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Polkadot, Arbitrum, Moonbeam, NEAR, Celo, xDai, and others.
Additionally, our crowdsourcing approach enables a quick and efficient turnaround of new large cap and long tail assets.. Whereas other oracles aggregate data from premium feed providers and are dependent on what their partners deliver, DIA can deliver data for literally any asset that is publicly accessible via one of the major CEXs or DEXs — our offering already encompasses 5000+ digital asset prices and is growing as well as first EU regulatory compliance indices.

How do you engage content creators to be active on your platform?

We plan to provide various resources to content creators and developers including grants and technical support in order to build on top of our platform.
We also believe that by fostering an inclusive community and providing tools for that community to connect that content creators will want to build on our platform.
We are also lucky to be plugged into the Kusama community which in itself has a creative spirit and fosters various content creators and many are approaching us to want to apply their skills on our project.
If you want to create something with Pontem, and have the skills to do so please reach out.

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