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How to start using Lumio L2: a tutorial


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Congratulations on being chosen as a beta tester for Lumio, Pontem’s revolutionary Ethereum rollup with support for Move VM. In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to switch to Lumio in the wallet, get testnet gas coins from the faucet, and use Liquidswap on Lumio.

Step 1: Switch to Lumio

Click on the account name and then on the green word Mainnet. Select Lumio L2 from the dropdown.

Note that it now says Lumio L2 in green.

Step 2: Get gas coin from the faucet

Both parts of Lumio (Move VM and EVM) is a rollup that settles on Ethereum, and its gas coin is ETH. Here is the slightly confusing part, however: in the present version of Lumio, ETH is called NAT.

Believe us, there were technical reasons for doing this at this early stage, and the ticker will be eventually switched to ETH. For now, simply accept that NAT Is ETH - but also note that this ETH doesn’t have any real-world value, because Lumio is in testnet.

Make sure you are connected to Lumio with the same Aptos address that got whitelisted to try Lumio (the one you used to mint our special NFT on Topaz, for example). Click on Faucet.

If the address is indeed on the whitelist, you should see the NAT balance increase by 1,000. Otherwise you’ll get an error.

Step 3: Get some testnet USDT or BTC on Liquidswap

Liquidswap is the first Aptos DEX to support Lumio - on testnet for now, of course. Head over to https://lumio.liquidswap.com/#/ and connect with the same whitelisted Pontem Wallet address. Once connected, you should see a blue Faucet button in the top right.

The faucet distributes testnet USDT and BTC on Lumio. You can request both to get 100 USDT and 0.1 BTC at a time. Obviously, these tokens don’t have any real market value.

Step 4: Swap or add liquidity to pools

Now you are ready to use Liquidswap on Lumio! You’ll see that the prices have nothing to do with real-world prices, since it’s all on testnet.

As for the rest, swaps work exactly the same as on Liquidswap on Aptos.

You can also add liquidity to a pool - for example, BTC-ETH. Once again, you’ll see that the dollar values are all over the place. Not to worry: it’s always like this on testnet.

Once done, check that LP tokens have appeared in the wallet. You will earn liquidity provider fees, though it won’t be in real money!

What to do if you connected to Liquidswap with the wrong account?

If you accidentally connected to Liquidswap on Lumio with the wrong Aptos address, you won’t be able to use the Liquidswap faucet as you don’t have the necessary NAT (that is, ETH) to pay for gas. To switch accounts:

  1. In the wrong account (the one you’ve connected with), click on the three dots in the top right -> Connected sites
  1. Delete the connection to lumio.liquidswap.com
  1. Switch to the correct account
  2. Refresh the Lumio Liquidswap page -> Connect wallet
  3. Select the correct wallet and account and connect

Now you should be connected with the correct account and see your NAT (ETH) balance. Congrats, you did it!

We will be grateful for your feedback on Lumio. The L2 is a work in progress, and we’ll keep making it faster and cheaper - as well as expand the Lumio ecosystem. More dApps will start supporting Lumio soon, so we recommend that you try it now to stay ahead of the curve!

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