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Liquidswap becomes the first fully audited production ready DEX on Aptos


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The first DEX on Aptos has hit several new milestones, with two successful audits by OtterSec and Halborn, a testnet release, and many technical updates in v.0.3.0.

Liquidswap successfully passed audits by OtterSec and Halborn

Pontem’s focus is always on security – and this means multiple audits and constant testing of all our products. For LiquidSwap audits, we engaged two major blockchain security firms working with Move: OtterSec and Halborn.

OtterSec is one of the leaders in the field of smart contract audit. Its impressive portfolio includes Wormhole, Anchor, LayerZero, Serum, Saber, Raydium, Solend, and dozens of others.

Meanwhile, Halborn has a team of 50+ blockchain security professionals and has worked with Polygon, Solana, Thorchain, Bancor, Pangolin, Reef, Sushi, and even BAYC.

Thanks to the month-long review, we were able to identify and permanently eliminate two vulnerabilities. One was related to the possibility to create repeated pools with the same curve type, and the other had to do with LP value calculation for pools that use the stable curve. As a result, Liquidswap is now safer than ever before.

As we are fully transparent with our community, we’ve published both Liquidswap audit reports in the Documentation section.

Liquidswap is deployed on testnet and open-sourced

After a few months of intense testing on the devnet, we have deployed Liquidswap DEX on the Aptos testnet. This is an important step towards the release on the upcoming Aptos mainnet, which should launch in the next couple of months.

Liquidswap’s website address remains the same; just remember to switch to the testnet in Pontem Wallet’s dropdown menu.

We’ve also updated the docs and published the source code of Liquidswap on GitHub. Feel free to review the repository – and if you find any bugs, please let us know. We are always grateful for your feedback.

On top of this, we’ve tweaked the DEX itself (see the full changelog). Many more updates and bug fixes are coming in the next few weeks ahead of the mainnet release, so we recommend that you subscribe to the Pontem Updates channel in Telegram. For any questions on how to use Liquidswap, feel free to connect with Pontem on Twitter or in Discord.

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