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Liquidswap has been successfully audited by Zellic


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Liquidswap has just become the first triple-audited DEX on Aptos. Following  audits by OtterSec and Halborn, Zellic has scrutinized our code and found no issues. This is further proof that Pontem’s unwavering commitment to security is paying off.

At Pontem Network, we always prioritize user security. We would never launch a product without haved it audited by  leading security providers first. Even after a successful audit and addressing any  issues, we continually monitor and test  our products for additional vulnerabilities.

This is especially important for Liquidswap.. When $12 million in customer liquidity is at stake, security has to be our first priority.

In their report, Zellic security experts wrote that Liquidswap’s code is “very well-organized and structured” and praised Pontem’s “diligence in maintaining high code quality standards.”

We are happy to say that the auditors found no critical issues. The few discovered bugs are of low severity:  an inaccuracy in stable curve calculations and a rounding error on certain fees. All these will be fixed very soon and in any case aren’t causing any serious problems to Liquidswap users.

We are happy to say that the auditors found no didn’t reveal any critical issues. The few discovered bugs are of low severity, and present no financial risk or usability issues to Liquidswap customers. Fixes will be rolled out extremely soon.

Liquidswap was previously audited by two other leading blockchain security providers: OtterSec and Halborn. With the addition of Zellic, Liquidswap becomes the first DEX/AMM on Aptos to have passed three security audits.

You can find all three reports in the Liquidswap Documentation section.

About Zellic

Zellic was founded by the internationally renowned white-hat hacker collective known as Perfect Blue. In 2020 and 2021, they were ranked as the no.1 Capture the Flag team, competing in the biggest cybersecurity events, such as Google CTF and Def Con CTF.

Zellic is known for its speed of execution and ability to find hidden vulnerabilities. Its security engineers identify not only coding errors, but also economic and business logic issues, which is extremely important for a DEX like Liquidswap.

Zellic works with industry leaders like Aptos Labs, Solana Foundation, LayerZero, SushiSwap, 1inch, Wormhole, as well as some of Pontem’s partners, including Tortuga and Tsunami Finance.

About Move code security

Liquidswap and Pontem Wallet were among the first audited dApps on Aptos. Our audit partners – Zellic, OtterSec, and Halborn – are pioneers in the field of Move security, as testing Move code requires a different expertise from auditing smart contracts in Solidity. You can learn more from our in-depth article on blockchain audits.

Move is a highly  secure programming language by nature: many of the vulnerabilities that are common in Solidity (such as re-entrancy bugs) simply can’t happen on Aptos. Still, almost any application contains some degree of  vulnerability, so an audit is a crucial step. In fact, Pontem only collaborates with verified and audited partner dApps in order to protect our users as much as possible.

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