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Lumio Receives Grant from Optimism Collective


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Pontem is proud to announce that Lumio received a grant from the Optimism Collective! We are extremely grateful for their support and excited to build with them.

This Builders Grant supports Intent 2 of Optimism’s Season 5 mission statement: Grow the Superchain. The Optimism Collective received 314 applications for 28 mission requests for Cycle 19 of grant requests.

Our grant of 50,000 OP will empower us to continue building Lumio, the omnichain rollup compatible with multiple Virtual Machines. Lumio enables alternative VMs to connect with Optimism’s superchain, dramatically widening the scope and scale of the ecosystem.

Lumio currently supports the Ethereum and Move VMs, with future support for Solana and WebAssembly VMs. Eventually, Lumio will connect to the Optimism Superchain to enable altVM apps.

Lumio is live today on Ethereum testnet. SuperLumio, the EVM implementation, is live on Optimism. Our whitelist-only sandbox xLumio is also available.

Read the Optimism Collective’s announcement here. Read our application here.

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