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New dApp Integrations on Pontem Wallet for iOS


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Swap, stake, borrow, and lend on Aptos - right from your iPhone!

We just launched the latest version of Pontem Wallet for iOS, with native integration for your favorite Aptos dApps. You can now use the best projects in the Aptos ecosystem within the Pontem Wallet app.

Now, users can do many things on Aptos without leaving their wallet. This update adds support for many of our partners, including NFT marketplaces, liquid staking tools, lending protocols, and our Liquidswap DEX, directly to the Pontem Wallet app. And since Pontem only partners with audited, trusted projects, you can rest assured that your assets are safe.

Hit Browser to see a complete list of our current Pontem Wallet integrations. (Many more will be added soon.) Then, simply connect your wallet to the dApp to buy an NFT, borrow stablecoins, stake APT, and much more!

Check out some of the amazing features available in Pontem Wallet:


Our very own AMM/DEX, the first one on Aptos, now has 100,000+ users and routinely hits $1 million per day in volume! In Pontem Wallet, users can trade APT, USDC, USDT, xBTC, and much more with extremely low slippage and fees.


Ditto is one of the leading liquid staking protocols on Aptos. With this integration, users can stake and unstake APT for stAPT, right within the wallet app. With stAPT yields at 7% and additional farming opportunities exceeding 30%, users can potentially earn passive income.


Aries is one of the most powerful DeFi tools in the ecosystem. The Pontem Wallet integration lets users borrow and lend APT, SOL, USDC, and more. Users can also explore liquidity pools, deposit and withdraw tokens, and earn rewards.

Other Apps:

  • Argo - Borrow the USDA stablecoin in various collateral pools.
  • AptosLaunch - Participate in Aptos project launches and IDOs.
  • Hippo - Trade many leading tokens natively, plus more on the LayerZero and Wormhole bridges.
  • Kana Labs - Swap, stake, lend, and borrow across multiple ecosystems to earn maximum yields.
  • Tsunami - Swap BTC, USDT, USDT, and ETH with zero slippage.

Download Pontem Wallet for iOS here.

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