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Participate in Econia Giving Season Campaign with Pontem Gator


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We are happy to unveil our latest product: Gator Trade, an aggregator that integrates the on-chain order book by Econia Labs (more integrations coming soon). You can place limit and market orders on testnet, view charts, use indicators - in other words, enjoy the advantages of a centralized exchange but in a decentralized environment!

We’re releasing Gator Trade today so that you can take part in the new campaign by Econia Labs, one of our most valued partners. The name of the campaign is Giving Season.

Giving Season acts as Round 2 of the original campaign that took place on October 25 - November1. The big difference is that this time, the campaign is launched in collaboration with Galxe, a leading platform for building Web3 communities.

Key info about the campaign

Dates: November 13, 10:00 am PST - November 24, 10:00 am PST

Prize pool: 5,000 USDC (plus 5 valuable Aptos NFTs)

Individual prizes: two daily winners will get $250 each. On the last day of the campaign, one person will get $500. Daily raffle winners will be announced on Econia Labs’ X (Twitter) page and in Discord.

Reward currency: lzUSDC (USDC bridged to Aptos with LayerZero).

What you need to do to win: interact with Gator or other frontends and complete a set of tasks on Galxe to get an Econia Labs OAT (On-chain Achievement Token). To enter the raffle on a given day, you need to both hold the OAT and use a frontend on that day. So, for example, if you participated in the raffle on November 16 and you want to participate again on November 17, you won’t need to repeat the tasks on Galxe (because you’ll already have the OAT), but you will need to connect to Gator again and do at least one transaction.

Update: when the campaign launched on November 13, users encountered an issue minting OATs on Galxe. This has been resolved by creating a new campaign that is just like the original one. If you’ve already completed all the tasks, you don’t need to repeat them - simply follow this link and mint the OAT. The first raffle date has been moved to November 16.

Apart from Gator, the other participating frontends are Kana Labs, Aries Markets, and SwapGPT. All four have integrated Econia’s order matching engine on testnet. Just like with the first campaign, the goal of this campaign is to test Econia’s order book and collect feedback ahead of the mainnet launch.

1. Set up your Aptos Wallet on testnet and connect to Gator

Here’s the tricky part: while Galxe is in the process of integrating Pontem Wallet, the integration isn’t quite ready yet. The only Aptos wallet that can be connected to Galxe is Petra. Luckily, you can still use your Pontem Wallet account for the campaign - you’ll simply need to import it into Petra. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Get some testnet APT

Tesnet APT tokens are needed to pay gas fees, though they have no real-world value. You can get them for free via the faucet in Pontem Wallet. If you participated in Econia’s first campaign, you’ll probably still have some testnet APT left over, so you can use those.

Click on Faucet to get 1 APT. You can repeat this several times, though 1 APT is more than enough for this campaign.

  1. Copy your Pontem Wallet seed phrase or private key

For the latter, click on Account in the top center of the wallet window -> three dots -> Account details -> Export private key. Enter your password and copy the private key. Save it in a safe place and NEVER reveal it to anybody.

  1. Switch to testnet and connect to Gator Trade

The Giving Season campaign is held on the Aptos testnet. In order to participate, you’ll need to switch the wallet to testnet. Here we assume that you’d prefer to enjoy the familiar experience of Pontem Wallet when you make transactions on Gator Trade. No problem - you can use the same account in Pontem Wallet with Gator Trade and other frontends (Kana, Aries, and SwapGPT) and in Petra with Galxe. Sounds complicated, we know, but it’s still common in Web3 as it takes time to integrate all the wallets. By the way, Pontem’s products like Liquidswap and Gator Trade support eight different Aptos wallets!

Let’s go back to Gator Trade on testnet, though. In Pontem Wallet, click on the Aptos icon in the top left, then on Mainnet and select Testnet.

Head to the Gator Trade page, and connect to the dApp (remember that the wallet has to be set to testnet).

2. Use Gator Trade

One of the conditions of Econia’s Giving Season campaign is that you need to use at least one frontend at least once. If you use Gator Trade or another frontend every day of the campaign (not necessarily the same one all the time), you’ll have a chance to win an additional prize of 500 USDC at the end.

  1. Collect eAPT and eUSDC from the Gator Trade Faucet

The campaign uses the pair eAPT/eUSDC, both of them special simulation tokens created by Econia Labs. Gator has a faucet that distributes these testnet tokens for free. Remember that these are simulation tokens with no real-world value.

Simply click the “Faucet” button, select eAPT, and confirm the transaction in your wallet - then repeat for eUSDC. If you click on a button and nothing happens, open Pontem Wallet and enter the password to unlock it. The faucet claim should work after that.

Check your wallet to see the tokens you received. If the wallet balance doesn’t get updated, switch to another account in the wallet and then back again.

You can claim as much eAPT and eUSDC tokens from the faucet as you want, though for this particular contest the size of your transactions doesn’t matter.

  1. Deposit eAPT and/or eUSDC in the market account

Click on Deposit/Withdraw in the top right on Gator. If you claimed eAPT from the faucet before, make sure that eAPT is selected, and enter the amount that corresponds to the amount in your wallet. Click Deposit and confirm in Pontem Wallet. Do the same for eUSDC if you’ve claimed any.

  1. Make some transactions on Gator Trade

You’re ready to use Gator Trade! Go to the Trade tab and switch to Market Order. “Buy” means buying eAPT with eUSDC, and “Sell” is for selling eAPT for eUSDC. So, if you have eAPT on the Market Account, switch to Sell, enter an amount of eAPT, and confirm. The order will be filled at the best available price.

You can also set a Limit order with any price you want, but it can take time to fill. For the sake of the campaign, it’s more convenient to use Market Order to make sure that you’ve completed this task for the day. Remember that you’ll need to complete at least one transaction a day to be eligible for that day’s raffle

2. Join the campaign on Galxe

  1. Install Petra and import your Pontem account

Install Petra wallet from the Chrome store. Instead of creating a new account, choose Import and enter the seed phrase or private key from your Pontem Wallet.

If you already have Petra, open it, go to Account -> Add Account -> Import mnemonic or Import private key.

You should now be able to see all your assets in both Pontem Wallet and Petra. The address should be the same as in Pontem, too. Don’t worry, your tokens haven’t been transferred anywhere: they live on the Aptos blockchain, not in a wallet.

  1. Connect to Galxe

Go to the Giving Season campaign page, click on Log In -> Show More. Locate Petra and connect the wallet. Make sure that you use the same wallet address that you used to interact with Gator Trade.

Important: the wallet needs to be set to mainnet, otherwise Galxe will give you a “Wrong Network” error.

  1. Complete the quest tasks

To be eligible for the daily 500 USDC raffle, you need to hold an Econia OAT and complete at least one transaction on Gator Trade or another participating frontend on that day. To get an OAT, you’ll have to complete all of the tasks on the list:

  1. Follow Econia Labs, Pontem Network, Kana Labs, Aries Markets, and SwapGPT on X (Twitter). First, you’ll be prompted to connect your X account to Galxe and verify it by tweeting a message. Then you’ll have to paste the link to the tweet into a field on Galxe. You can delete this tweet later if you want. After the first retweet, click the Refresh button and authorize Galxe to access your Twitter account.
  2. Retweet the campaign tweet;
  3. Join Econia’s Discord and complete verification. This will automatically get you the Econians role.

Once you’ve completed the tasks and refreshed their statuses, you should see all green checkmarks, and

at the bottom you should see “Claim OAT & 70 Points”. Click on the blue button to claim the On-chain Achievement Token and confirm in the wallet.

You’ll find the OAT in the NFT section of the wallet.

Once you have the OAT, simply follow the announcements in Econia’s Twitter and Discord to see if you won. Good luck!

About Pontem

Pontem is a blockchain product studio building for Aptos, the L1 blockchain with sub-second finality and elite security. Pontem products include:

  • Pontem Wallet: the triple-audited wallet for Aptos with 300,000+ users
  • Liquidswap DEX: the most popular DEX on Aptos
  • PontemAI: an AI-powered crypto chatbot (coming soon)
  • Move Code Playground: the first browser code editor for Move





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