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Pontem Announces Immuefi Bug Bounty For Liquidswap DEX


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Bounties up to $500,000 for critical vulnerabilities

Pontem is excited to announce a new bug bounty program for our Liquidswap DEX/AMM, administered via Immunefi. Liquidswap was the first decentralized exchange on Aptos, powering more than $50 million in swaps between 90,000 verified addresses in its first month. Liquidswap offers token swaps for both correlated and uncorrelated assets with low slippage and low fees, and leverages Aptos’s core infrastructure for elite performance and safety.

Immunefi is the industry leader in web3 bug bounties. Founded by Mitchell Amador  in December 2020, Immunefi has hosted bug bounties for some of the largest projects in crypto, including Polygon, MakerDAO, and Olympus. Immunefi bug bounties have protected more than $25 billion from hacks.

Rewards for Liquidswap bugs range from $1000 for medium-level website issues to $500,000 for critical smart contract vulnerabilities. Threat levels are determined using the Immunefi Vulnerability Severity Classification System, which outlines five tiers of severity for websites/apps, smart contracts, and blockchains. Be sure to read the bounty posting carefully for submission guidelines, impacts in scope, and other rules.  

This bug bounty is additional proof of Pontem’s unwavering commitment to security in our products. Liquidswap has been successfully audited three times by Ottersec, Halborn, and Zellic, industry leaders in Aptos smart contract testing. Its Move codebase protects it from reentrancy attacks and other types of exploits common in Solidity-based dApps. Furthermore, Pontem only partners with projects whose code has been publicly audited. Liquidswap is and always will be decentralized, permissionless, and completely transparent.

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