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Pontem announces partnership with Alibaba Cloud to promote Lumio L2 technology in Asia


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Pontem Network, the blockchain studio behind the first altVM rollup Lumio, is partnering up with Alibaba Cloud to promote Web3 infrastructure development in the APAC region.

Pontem, a product studio known for its Aptos and EVM wallet, Liquidswap DEX, and Lumio rollup, announces a sweeping partnership with Alibaba Cloud, part of the Alibaba Group and Asia’s largest Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider.

Together, Pontem and Alibaba Cloud embark on revolutionizing Web3 infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region. One of the key objectives of the partnership is to provide APAC builders with the best technology, including Lumio – a revolutionary L2 chain capable of supporting any blockchain virtual machine (VM). The first EVM and Move VM-compatible iterations of Lumio are already live.

Alejo Pinto, Chief Growth Officer at Pontem, commented:

“Thanks to Lumio’s modularity at the VM level, APAC developers will be able to use their favorite virtual machine and deploy dApps on Lumio without compromising performance and interoperability with EVM. Moreover, Lumio will act as a middleware and data availability layer to bring use cases like gaming and high-frequency trading from other L1 networks over to Ethereum. We have great plans for Lumio, includingWith the support of Alibaba Cloud’s secure and robust cloud infrastructure, we’ll be able to make this leap much faster.”

The partnership between Pontem and Alibaba Cloud will also cover programs, resources, and events for builders working with Lumio and other products by Pontem, as well as the development of new infrastructure for Lumio.

Alibaba Cloud will also provide cloud infrastructure support to projects building on Lumio, as well as full node services to boost the growth of the innovative altVM L2 network.

Pontem Network’s announcement follows the news of a collaboration between Alibaba Cloud and Aptos Foundation, one of Pontem’s key partners and backers. The upcoming co-branded Move developer community by Aptos and Alibaba Cloud will further benefit Pontem, as the leading product studio building for Move.

About Pontem

Pontem is a product development studio building Move and EVM-compatible products to enable a more developer and user-friendly Web3. Its Pontem Wallet for the Aptos and EVM ecosystem has garnered more than 500,000 downloads, while the Liquidswap AMM DEX has facilitated 10 million swaps. Pontem is backed by Faction, Lightspeed, Pantera, Animoca, Kraken Ventures, Delphi Digital, and over 20 other well-known Vcs.

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