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  1. Will everyone be rewarded?

No, everyone who sets up a node(participates as a collator) and goes through KYC will be rewarded.

  1. Even I participate as a nominator, will I get a reward?

No, you need to participate as a collator to get a reward.

  1. How will the rewards be calculated?

To calculate rewards, there will be two periods. The first one is ‘before KYC’, and the second one is ‘after KYC’.

Before the KYC (now): Participants will be rewarded according to the number of days elapsed from the first day they join the testnet until their KYC is approved.

After the KYC: People will be rewarded after KYC and the details will be announced.

  1. Will using the faucet too much affect the rewards?

No, we are in the before KYC period and this means people will be rewarded by the number of days they’ve participated. So, the faucet won’t affect anything. The only thing that affects rewards is the number of days people participated.

  1. After KYC, will we use the testnet tokens that we get from the faucet? Will it affect our rewards after the KYC period?

No, you’re not going to use the testnet tokens that you’ve gotten from the faucet. The team will send you new testnet tokens and everyone will be equal. So, no need to be worried about the faucet.

  1. Why KYC?

Some people use more than one IP and participate on the testnet with multi accounts. So, to avoid this situation and to distribute rewards we will have a KYC progress.

  1. Does everyone have to do KYC? Is there a chance to only get rewarded the before KYC period?

You can but you need to confirm KYC to get your reward. Otherwise, you won’t be getting rewarded.

  1. Can everyone who passed the KYC participate in the testnet after the KYC period?


  1. Will everyone who passed the KYC and participated in the after KYC period of the testnet be rewarded?


  1. Can people just join the one period of the testnet? Can I just participate the after KYC period?


  1. Is there a minimum number of days that you’ll be participated and get rewarded for the before KYC period?

You just need 24 hours. Even for one day, you’ll get rewarded.

  1. When will the rewards be distributed?

After token transfers are enabled in NOX.

  1. When will the testnet end?

After token transfers are enabled in NOX.

  1. When KYC?

Stay tuned.

  1. For one day the before KYC period, how much I am earning?

For now, please keep an eye on the announcements.

  1. For one day the after KYC period, how much I’ll earn?

For now, please keep an eye on the announcements.

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