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Pontem Wallet for Aptos is live in Chrome store


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The new wallet is the ultimate entry point into the Aptos/Move ecosystem thanks to its native integrations with Aptos dApps, including Pontem’s LiquidSwap. Chrome users can now install Pontem Wallet directly from the Chrome store.

The Aptos ecosystem gets its MetaMask / Phantom

Every blockchain ecosystem has ‘the’ wallet: the one wallet supported by every DeFi protocol, games, and NFT marketplace. In the realm of EVM chains, that is MetaMask, which now supports dozens of blockchains; for Solana, it’s Phantom; Cosmos has Kepler, and so on. For Aptos, Pontem Wallet is now available on the Chrome store. Click here to install.

The Aptos ecosystem is still in a very early stage, with few dApps apart from the test release of Pontem’s own LiquiSwap AMM. But there is an advantage in being so early: together with the Aptos team we are building a unified, perfectly integrated structure that offers a much smoother user experience than Ethereum.

The new wallet is the most important part of this ecosystem: the future gateway for a potential billion users who will discover DeFi, NFTs, and games on Aptos. Pontem has been developing Pontem Wallet since March, when we pivoted from building a canary network for Diem to creating foundational dApps for Aptos.

DeFi embedded directly in the wallet

The most exciting feature of Pontem Wallet, and a major step forward compared to competing wallets, is that it is integrated natively with key Move-based services and protocols. We will start with our LiquidSwap exchange: instead of connecting the wallet to the DEX interface, users will be able to swap tokens directly in the wallet. In the near future, it will become possible to add liquidity to pools to earn rewards.

Pontem Wallet is modeled on Uniswap and Curve for stablecoin swaps. Now, the same feature set as on Uniswap will be accessible from your wallet. Exciting, isn’t it? That’s the experience we made possible with Pontem Wallet.

But swaps are just the beginning. We are already working to implement liquid staking in the wallet – a way to stake APTOS tokens (once launched) and enjoy their DeFi utility at the same time through lending, yield farming, and so on.

And Pontem Wallet isn’t only for Pontem dApps: we plan to embed the best protocols from third-party developers as the Move ecosystem grows.

The wallet will run equally well on desktop and mobile. (Alpha) We are even exploring a built-in crypto-fiat ramp, so that you’ll be able to top it up using Visa or MasterCard – or withdraw cryptocurrency to a bank card. *Disclaimer: this feature is currently in R&D and is not guaranteed to launch.

How to experience Pontem Wallet

Once you install and open the extension, the rest should be easy: the set-up is just like MetaMask. Make sure to save your secret recovery phrase in a safe location.

The Aptos testnet will be selected by default. To get free APTOS tokens, click on Faucet button.

With Pontem Wallet, you can now connect to the Liquid Swap DEX and see how it works - or try a couple of experimental features, such as Enhanced Gas Fee UI and New Token Detection.

A detailed Pontem Wallet tutorial will be published very soon – and new features will be added regularly. At the same time, we keep working on the other dApps from the Pontem roadmap: the DEX, Pontem Blocks (a low-code DeFi automator), an EVM layer, and a governance protocol

We want Pontem Wallet to grow into the best Web3 wallet in the industry. For that, Pontem needs your feedback. What do you think of the design? Which features do you think should be implemented first? Every opinion is extremely valuable. Connect with Pontem Network on Telegram, Twitter, or Discord and tell us what you think!

About Pontem Network

Pontem Network is a product studio building foundational dApps and development tools for Aptos, the most production-ready, scalable, and secure blockchain in the world. Together with the Aptos team, we are creating an ecosystem able to onboard the first billion blockchain users across the globe. Our products use the visionary Move coding language and Move VM – technology that was originally developed for Diem, a blockchain backed by Meta.

Install our wallet and try DEX

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