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Pontem Wallet v.1.3.0 is live – download it and integrate it now


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With better UI and extra features, Pontem Wallet v.1.3.0 is a big step ahead for the first production ready wallet on Aptos. You can already install it directly from the Chrome Web Store.

What’s new in the v.1.3.0 release

  • Added the Connected Sites functionality – now you can visualize the list of websites you’ve linked Pontem Wallet to;
  • Added real-time processing of events of adding or denying access to a site;
  • Fixed UI bugs in the Confirm Tx section;
  • The Faucet feature is now clearly visible in the center of the main wallet window – simply click on it to get free testnet tokens;
  • When the wallet has just been installed but not yet configured, connect requests will be processed correctly once the wallet creation flow is completed - no need to reload website pages.

Ready for front end integrations

Pontem Wallet is already connected to Liquidswap – the first AMM for Aptos. We invite all developers building on Move to integrate the wallet into their projects – the integrations docs are available here: link.

For any questions, bug reports, or help with integration, please get in touch with the team on Telegram, Twitter, or Discord. We are always here for you, and we will really appreciate your feedback.and tell us what you think!

About Pontem Network

Pontem Network is a product studio building foundational dApps and development tools for Aptos, the most production-ready, scalable, and secure blockchain in the world. Together with the Aptos team, we are creating an ecosystem able to onboard the first billion blockchain users across the globe. Our products use the visionary Move coding language and Move VM – technology that was originally developed for Diem, a blockchain backed by Meta .

Install our wallet and try DEX

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