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PontemAI gets a massive update: now you can choose the bot’s personality!


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The latest version of our crypto chatbot has several personalities to choose from, is better at choosing answers and searching online, and has all the knowledge of Binance Academy at its disposal.

PontemAIPontemAI is the crypto chatbot designed and trained by Pontem Network. It can provide answers on Pontem’s products, Aptos and Move, current crypto prices, and much more.We want to make sure that it’s the best Web3 chatbot out there - so we have a special development team within Pontem work on new features and improvements for the bot every day.  

The latest update takes Pontem.AI to a new level, not only in terms of what it knows, but also how it decides on the best answer and how it phrases it. Let’s go over each new feature in turn.

Bot personality selection

Don’t like the standard, serious bot persona? Now you can choose among the three different character options: Gangster, Cynic, and Optimist (in addition to Blank, the regular style).

To select a personality, click on the three dots next to the chat name -> Settings.

Click on one of the AI roles -> Save.

We have selected these characters based on the feedback from the Pontem Community, by the way. In the future, we may add more personae.

Collective knowledge vs. Expert opinion

How does the bot choose the best source of information for each user question – especially when different sources provide different answers? Before, Pontem.AI would automatically select a single source that it considered the most reliable. Now, the bot first scans each of the sources for answers, compares the results, and chooses the best answer. We call this a consensus algorithm.

You can even choose which consensus algorithm the bot should use: in Chat Settings, opt for either Leading Expert or Consensus option. The former option will produce a response quickly, while the latter will have the bot go through all of its data and search on the internet to produce a richer, more rounded answer.

Certain sources in the bot’s database are marked as Leading Expert, but they don’t cover everything, so you may get essentially a blank answer. With the Consensus option on, the bot will eventually produce a response to any crypto-related question, but the waiting time can be a bit long.

Binance Academy content added to the training set

Pontem.AI has many curated sources of data at its disposal:

  • documents about Pontem, Aptos, and Move that we have prepared;
  • general crypto database that we have fact-checked;
  • an API that supplies Web3 news;
  • live cryptocurrency price data;
  • Web search;
  • …and now also Binance Academy - one of the most authoritative and at the same time accessible collections of articles (over 460) produced by Binance.

We have added all the articles from the Academy to the bot’s knowledge base – very useful for explaining complicated concepts.

Improved web search

The bot has become better at processing the information it finds online. For example, tt won’t trust generalizing articles that were themselves written by an AI.

Template generation

Not sure where to take the conversation next? No problem: now after the bot provides an answer, it also generates several templates for the potential next question based on the context of the dialogue. These templates can also give you fresh ideas.

Test PontemAI

Remember that you can also test PontemAI! You’ll need to satisfy one of these conditions:

1) Hold at least one doodoo token - the easiest option, as you can buy $doodoo on Liquidswap.;

2) Hold a Space Pirates or Dark Ages NFT - you can get both on Topaz;

3) Use a special codeword - you can find it on X (Twitter) and in some of our documentation).

Try the new version of Pontem’s chatbot and tell us what you think in Telegram or Discord. Remember that your feedback helps make Pontem products better every day!

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