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Product Update Livestream 9 September

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During the already traditional Product Update livestream, Alejo, as always, talked about security, mentioned Pontem plans for NFTs, mobile applications and collaboration, and briefly shared his vision for the future of Web3 and blockchains. Here is a quick recap of what was discussed.


  • Audits are the most important part for ensuring security and Pontem has already passed two. They provide a different perspective, so you can always have a second opinion.
  • In addition to the security of their products and contracts, Pontem is focused on decentralization. Scalability is also important, which is why they are building on Aptos, but security and decentralization are the top 1 and 2 priorities respectively.


  • There are plans to integrate NFTs into other Pontem projects. As they dive into the development process, the number of use cases for NFTs is increasing, but they won't reveal all the details just yet.
  • Cooperation plans. For starters it is wallet integration with other projects. Also, Pontem is very cautious about these cooperation, choosing safe projects and open teams.
  • There will be Android, iOS mobile apps. Also, they don't forget about the mobile web browser, so that everything works there too.
  • Liquid Swap will be similar to other projects that already exist, so there will be an opportunity for providers to provide liquidity.


  • Multichain world. In the future, there will be more than one winner, multiple blockchains will have their fields where they are more suitable.
  • Pontem is a bridge between Web2 and Web3, EVM to Move VM world. In general, this is what the logo represents.
  • Pontem builds a lot of projects, so, there are competitors in the respective areas. Econia, Martian Wallet as examples.
  • Web2 is not going anywhere in the near future. There will simply be an evolution of the Internet and the tools we use. Cryptocurrencies are a big step forward in the exchange of value.

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