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Short update and FAQ on the Pontem Incentivized Testnet Program: A retrospective and looking ahead.


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Our incentivized testnet program launched last December has been successful in helping us stress test a Parachain deployment of the Move VM in Polkadot and Kusama. We learned a lot in the process of maintaining a network of up to 101 active collators from a candidate pool of over 1200 qualified unique nodes. Due to upcoming roadmap changes, we are going to be winding down the incentivized testnet program on April 30.

Due to overwhelming demand, we had to put a hard cap on the program earlier this year. However, those who didn’t get a chance to enter plus all of the 1200 qualified unique nodes who qualified for this program will be able to test more of our products in the near future. If you are one of the over 1200 qualified unique nodes, you will receive the rewards outlined here.

Given the recent evolution of the Move and Diem derivatives ecosystem, we are eager to share positive upcoming changes to our roadmap so stay tuned as we have big news coming soon 😉.


  • What is happening to the Polkadot / Kusama testnet? The incentivized testnet program will continue until April 30, but node operators may need to migrate at some point to test our new applications. We will reward all participants in the incentivized testnet program either in their choice of NOX tokens when we launch on Kusama or in a conversion to tokens launched in the future. We will share more details on this in a separate post.
  • Can I turn off my node? Yes.
  • Can I still continue earning rewards for testing products? Yes we will provide more opportunities in the near future. If you already qualified for this program you will not need to register again. Just stay tuned for instructions.
  • How do I check how many rewards? We are working on a calculator to help you estimate using your address.
  • How can I claim my rewards? We will share instructions once we are ready to launch on mainnet.
  • Which token am I receiving? You will have the option to either received outlined NOX rewards in the future or convert your tokens in the short term to one of our deployments.
  • Will there be a Kusama crowdloan? Likely not this year. We will aim to expand to Polkadot and Kusama once there is enough demand for the Move VM outside of Aptos and Sui. However, to enable this novel tokenomic concept, we are researching a new method that will offer yield through a combination of liquid staking and bridging liquidity to our apps launched in the future. More to come on this soon, but for now, you may do as you will with your KSM.
  • What will happen to the Nox token? We are intrigued by the novel concept of a separate token for a canary network implicit in assumption to test “chaos” in applications, so we may launch something like this for Move VM-based networks. But for now, we are putting it on the shelf.

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