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The gaming industry peaked in 2020 with a market value of $159.3 billion with over 2.7 billion gamers worldwide. In this article, we will look at the Seedify protocol, $SFUND token and Seedify incubation projects.

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What is Seedify?

Seedify, also referred to as Seedify.fund  (SFUND) , is a launchpad platform for blockchain games and gamers.

  • Gamers are given the opportunity to earn tokens and NFTs as rewards by playing video games thereby inculcating a play-to-earn model.
  • It also acts as an incubator giving projects an access to partnerships, funding and community building.
  • Each project funded by Seedify.fund receives 75,000 tokens as part of fundraising in exchange for 3% of the funded project's token.
  • SFUND was launched in February 2021 by Levent Cem Aydan with the aim of connecting gamers with blockchain technology.

$SFUND Token

The Seedify.find ecosystem uses the $SFUND token which is its native token. It is a BEP-20 token with use cases that include:

  • Staking
  • Farming
  • Opportunity to join IGOs and INOs

The team is working on other use cases as well.

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Users can also invest $SFUND inorder to get access to allocations from token sale events. Token distribution is as follows:

  • Funding pool for projects -  50%
  • Stakers -  25%
  • Community involvement rewards of Seedify.fund incubator - 15%
  • Seedify fund operations -  10%

On March 26th, 2021, $SFUND was listed on PancakeSwap giving out $3 million tokens as airdrops to its community members. As of July 14th, Seedify held its first IDO and successfully sold out. As at the time of writing, $SFUND was ranked #345 on Coin Market Cap with a 24-hour trading volume of $3,021,204 USD and a price of $1.41 USD.

Due to the generalization of other launchpads projects, Seedify decided to focus solely on blockchain gaming. Plans for Seedify V2 were introduced on October 11. Seedify V2 has the following features/products:

Seedify IGO Launchpad

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With over 50 games being launched, Seedify connects gamers and gaming enthusiasts to the best blockchain gaming projects ever since it went live in July, 2021. Any game hosted on this launchpad goes through rigorous scrutiny to ensure that only quality games are delivered. IGO participants have access to new gaming tokens before they get listed on public exchanges. The Seedify IGO launchpad uses the tier system (9 tiers) which depends on $SFUND holding requirements. Tier 1 is lottery based. Tier 6 to 9 have access to private sale opportunities but only Tier 9 members can qualify for exclusive early stage offerings via the seed club. Members can participate in an IDO by:

  • Purchasing $SFUND tokens
  • Staking and farming $SFUND tokens
  • KYC verification

Seedify Incubation Projects

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Warriors of Ardena -  This is a 3D immersive battleground game that makes use of the Play-to-Earn strategy which will reward gamers based on their performance on the battlefield. It makes use of a dual token - Ardenean Gold (AG) is the governance token and Ardenean Silver (AS) is the token used for in-game rewards. These tokens along with NFTs are kept inside loot boxes which players can acquire during the course of the game.

Source: open sea

Important facts

  • Animoca brands being one of the lead investors has decided to provide support with marketing, tokenomics, gaming, etc. This was announced in March 2022.
  • Three weeks after launching on Discord, Ardena had one of the fastest sell-out of NFTs. The Ardena Genesis collection of 8,000 Warriors of Ardena sold out in 13 minutes.

Founders include:

Astro Hounds - This is a dog Metaverse experience game where players get to experience digital immersion in a never before seen fantasy environment. It is made up of different arenas and no two arenas are the same. Each arena has unique properties which differentiates them from others. It was founded by Eleanor.

Source: Astro hounds


Astro Hounds makes use of the Astro Hounds token ($HOUND). This token acts as a governance token acting as a foundation of every action executed and it also serves as an in-game incentive. It is an ERC-20 token and CW-20 token on the Terra chain. The $HOUND token value is displayed at all times on the platform showing its value in fiat currency as well as in-game assets.

Later on, the $HOUND will be made available on Fantom and Terra, it will also be bridged to other non-EVM chains. $HOUND aims to reward users for participation and staking of tokens in order to get additional rewards.

Lidyverse -  This is a fashion Metaverse game founded by: Bahar Ceren Arslan -  Founder and CEO of Knitology and Safiye Dincturk Turgut -  Lidyana CEO

Source: Seedify

Lidyana has been serving as a major hub for designers for the past 10 years enabling them to convert their work to 3-D drawings. It operates mostly as a marketplace offering only the best of the latest fashion products to its customers. It is the first e-commerce company having influencer marketing, celebrity endorsements programs and collaborations. It makes use of the LIDY token which operates on the tier system with higher tiers having higher chances of getting whitelisted.

Uses of LIDY token

  • Early access to private sales
  • Invitation to physical and digital fashion shows
  • Attending private auctions
  • Discounts on digital and physical products
  • Voting rights for community members, etc.

League of Empires -  This is a multiplayer game that makes use of real-time war strategy. Players can build their own empires from scratch and they can also enjoy earning crypto in a stimulating environment. League of Empires has the following features:

  • Impressive 3D graphics
  • Strategic alliances
  • 100% real time battle control
  • Minting of NFTs
  • Opportunity to build the ultimate empire
Source: medium


The token supply distribution is as follows:

  • Liquidity  -  5%
  • Seed round - 2.5%
  • Public round - 3%
  • Private round - 11%
  • Team - 10%
  • Play-to-Earn - 35%
  • Economy fund - 15%
  • Team - 10%
  • Marketing - 13.5%
  • Advisors - 5%

The founders are Shahid Pervaiz and Trev Emerson.

Just as Pontem is working toward global inclusion powered by blockchains, the Seedify fund intends to support upcoming developments in blockchain (gaming); with the advantage of being an incubator and a launchpad providing a community-based governance, involvement, funding and of course feedback.

About Pontem network

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Pontem network is a product development studio that aims at building foundational tools for the Aptos and Move ecosystem. The newest addition , the Pontem wallet is available as an extension on Google Chrome. With over 100,000 users, it provides fast and seamless transactions. Aptos recently integrated with Aptpad.finance which will become the first IDO launchpad on Aptos.

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