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Tutorial: How to Use the Amnis Farming Pool on Liquidswap


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Amnis Finance has partnered with Pontem to launch a yield farming pool on Liquidswap. These lucrative APRs will decreaseas more people join the farm, so read the tutorial to start farming ASAP!

What is Amnis Finance?

Amnis Finance is a new secure, user-friendly, and innovative liquid staking protocol on Aptos. Only 6 days after launch, it already ranked among the top 3 projects on Aptos with $14M in TVL. (Just behind Liquidswap at$23 million). Over 2 million APT have been staked so far. Amnis’s smart contracts were audited byMovebit.

Credit: DeFiLlama

Amnis Finance even placed second at Aptos’s Hack Singapore hackathon in the DeFi & Payments category.

Unlike Tortuga and Ditto, Amnis Finance has two liquid staking tokens: amAPT and stAPT. Both are listed on Liquidswap,whitelisted on Pontem Wallet, and pegged 1:1 to APT. So how are they different?

amAPT is minted when you deposit APT in the Amnis dApp, but you can also buy it on Liquidswap. amAPT is a liquid stablecoin pegged to APT that can be used for various DeFi purposes, such as farming on Liquidswap. But simply holding amAPT doesn’t earn yields..

stAPT is the vault that accumulates staking rewards. If you stake amAPT, you’ll receive stAPT and start earning interest ( 7.44% APR at time of writing). The dApp has a handy Mint & Stake option that lets you deposit APT for stAPT. An added advantage is that Amnis doesn’t charge protocol fees on staking rewards.

The logo of amAP
The logo of stAPT

Amnis Finance farm on Liquidswap

1) There are several farms: amAPT/APT, stAPT/APT & stAPT/USDC

2) Each farm runs for 30 days with a possibility of renewal

3) You need to start farming now to get a higher APR

The APR goes down as the amount of liquidity in the farming pool goes up. That’s because the amount of APT allocated for rewards each week is fixed, like a pie you have to divide among more people.

So it’s better to join the farm as soon as possible. For a short while, the APR can be as high as 100% or more.

4) Earn double rewards

While your LP tokens are in the farm, you’ll earn both the farming APR and the liquidity provider APR for the corresponding pool.

Once you’ve deposited liquidity in the pool, you’ll see that the plus sign has changed to a button with a farming icon; click on it.

How to farm with Amnis in Hydroponic Farms on Liquidswap

1) Get some amAPT

The easiest way to do this is to buy amAPT/stAPT on Liquidswap for APT. It’s a stable pool, so the price is very close to 1 amAPT for 1 APT. Liquidswap will prompt you to register amAPT in Pontem Wallet first: this is a standard security procedure on Aptos. After you’ve confirmed the registration transaction, don’t forget the swap itself, too.

You can also stake APT on Amnis Finance to mint amAPT.

2) Add liquidity to the amAPT/APT pool

On the main Liquidswap page, click Earn → Farms and you'll see the list of active farms.

Locate amAPT/APT and click on Add Liquidity (plus sign - "+"). You’ll need to deposit equal amounts of both tokens.

Once you’ve deposited liquidity to the pool, you’ll see that the plus sign has changed to a button with a farmer, click on it.

See our earlier Liquidswap farming guide for more details.

3) Deposit LPs in the farm

Click Stake and confirm. Congratulations – you are now farming APT with Pontem and Amnis Finance!

4) Collect rewards

You can claim your farming rewards at any point, including during the initial 7-day lock period. Simply click Claim and confirm. The minimum claimable amount is 0.01 APT. You’ll be able to withdraw any remaining rewards even after the farm expires.

How to withdraw tokens from the farm

Remember that you can withdraw your LPs only once the initial 7-day lock period is over. Head over to the My Farms tab and click on Withdraw. If the button is grayed out, it’s because the lock period isn’t over yet.

Enter the amount of LP tokens that you want to redeem. If you have an active NFT boost and you want to withdraw everything, don’t forget to check the Unstake NFT box, too.

Important: rewards are NOT claimed automatically when you withdraw LPs. You’ll have to collect them manually, and the amount has to be higher than 0.01 APT.

That’s everything you need to use the new amAPT/APT farm! We’d love to hear your feedback on Telegram, so we can make Liquidswap farms even better.

We have more exciting features coming to Liquidswap soon. Follow Pontem on X (Twitter) and Discord for updates!

About Pontem

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