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AMA with Alejo Pinto: learn more about the exclusive NFTs for ambassadors


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Pontem Network’s ambassador program is one of the biggest in crypto – and very experimental. As the program is growing by leaps and bounds, the project recently announced a new reward system based on exclusive NFTs. Which blockchain will they be issued on, how many ambassadors will there be, and when can we expect Pontem to issue its own token – we’ve discussed these and many other questions with the Protocol Core Contributor Alejo Pinto.

1. What kind of testing tasks and rewards does the incentive plan have for test users?

We want to make sure we can encompass the full breadth of skillsets our community can bring without inhibiting the creative power of the community. We are constantly putting up bounties for what is needed such as content, translations, UI testing, etc… but we also invite others to propose tasks based on their skillset that will help drive adoption to the community. If you have more technical skills that you want to put to use to create things such as tutorials for Move or code templates, then we invite you to connect with us directly so we can provide you with resources and assistance on these more complex tasks. We will also have tasks that support the overall Aptos ecosystem beyond Pontem so keep an eye out for those.

2. What are the NFTs based on?

NFTs will be native to Aptos so we appreciate your patience in waiting for these to go live when Aptos mainnet goes live in Q3 this year. We are aiming to create unique NFTs that can be upgradeable and even some that are sould-bound or non-transferable to mark core contributions from our community. This will gamify the process of meaningful contributions and open the doors of opportunity for our community to be embedded across the Aptos ecosystem with these NFTs. We are also working on a generative PFP avatars collection as well so you can have a unique identity within this ecosystem.

3. Is the NFT reward only for New Ambassadors or both New and Existing Ambassadors?

NFT rewards will be for both New and existing ambassadors but we will make sure to commemorate early adopters for their firm belief in us early on

4. How many ambassadors will there be?

Our goal is to grow the ambassador community as much as we can so there won’t be a max cap. However to ensure order we are looking for active contributors to step up and help us form a hierarchy to better manage the ambassador program. This can be aligned by region, skillset, etc… we are seeing how it is naturally self-organizing but we will also guide this process with NFT incentives for example for more active ambassadors that take on more responsibility within the community to help us organize.

5. Have you considered setting up an ambassador DAO with different departments?

This is a really interesting idea and a direction which we hope this initiative will evolve into

6. Will pontem IDO before aptos and will Aptos officially support Pontem?

We currently have no official release date for our token. We will launch natively on Aptos first though so Aptos will need to be live before our token goes live. Stay tuned to learn more.

7. I have some feedback on the product channel. Does it mean I am a tester?

If you submitted feedback in the product channel we are going through and picking the best and tapping them to receive a small bug bounty. You can also do formal submissions through the ambassador program.


Pontem Network plans to host regular AMAs with Alejo and other team members. If you’d like for your question to be featured in a future AMA, simply post it in the general Pontem chat on Telegram and add a note that it’s for the AMA. Also, don’t hesitate to ask us any other questions and share ideas – user feedback is always welcome!

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