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Introducing NarSwap: swap ETH, USDT, and more on Lumio EVM


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We’ve just launched NarSwap, the first-ever DEX for Lumio on EVM! Whitelisted users can already try swapping ETH, USDT, USDC, and WETH on testnet using an ERC20 address.

What is NarSwap by Pontem?

NarSwap is a DEX built on Lumio L2 and the first use case for Lumio on EVM. As you know, Lumio is the first-ever Ethereum rollup that supports both EVM and Move VM. On the Move VM side, we have added Lumio support to Liquidswap, and hundreds of users are already testing the integration. With NarSwap, we are inaugurating the Lumio EVM ecosystem.

NarSwap is already live on testnet. It supports Pontem Wallet (in the EVM mode), MetaMask, Phantom, and lots of other EVM wallets. We do recommend Pontem, however. See the Documentation page for the parameters to use when adding Lumio to MetaMask.

Lumio L2 on EVM features a faucet that distributes testnet ETH for gas to whitelisted addresses. For now, only users whose ERC20 addresses have been whitelisted can use NarSwap, but we will gradually expand access to more members of the community, like we are doing with Lumio on Move VM.

To coincide with the release of We’ve also introduced a gas fee management system in Pontem Wallet on EVM, where users can choose among four settings: Standard, Fast, Custom, and Instant. On testnet, they may not make much difference, but once Lumio goes live on mainnet, users will surely appreciate having control over their gas fees.

Why separate DEXes for Lumio on EVM and Move VM?

Lumio is an optimistic rollup: it bundles up transaction data and posts it to the Ethereum mainnet, “optimistically” assuming that all the transactions are valid. It uses the same OP Stack as Optimism mainnet.

What makes Lumio different from Arbitrum, Optimism, and other optimistic rollups is that it has two “branches”, Move VM and EVM. They both settle transactions on Ethereum and can communicate with each other using cross-VM contract calls. For its internal transactions, the EVM part uses the same set of opcodes as Ethereum Virtual Machine, but the Move VM part uses the same bytecode as Aptos.

Any Ethereum dApp can be easily migrated to Lumio EVM without re-coding, but it would need to be re-engineered to be deployed on the Move VM part, and vice versa. That’s why Liquidswap, built for Aptos, supports the Move VM part of Lumio out of the box, but we had to build NarSwap from scratch for the EVM part.

Access to NarSwap

1) For now, only a selected group of users can try NarSwap – those whose ERC-20 addresses are on the whitelist. While you can connect to Lumio with any ERC-20 address, you won’t be able to claim gas ETH unless you are on the list. If you provided an ERC-20 address as part of the first Lumio testing wave, you should be able to use the faucet and the rest of the features.

2) In Pontem Wallet, you need to have EVM features activated. The activation code can be found in the Lumio Documentation section.

3) To check if you are whitelisted:

  • Make sure you are connected to Lumio (see our Lumio Liquidswap guide) and that the correct ERC20 wallet is chosen in Pontem Wallet. You can also add Lumio to MetaMask (see Documentation), but we recommend Pontem Wallet.
  • On the main NarSwap page, click Claim Gas or go directly to the Lumio Claim page.
  • Connect with your ERC-20 account (from Pontem Wallet or another wallet), click on Claim Lumio L2 ETH, and sign a message in the wallet.
  • If the address is whitelisted, you’ll see a success message and 0.1 ETH will be added to the account balance.

If you’re not on the WL, you’ll see this message:

Click on Join and fill the form so that we can whitelist you in one of the next testing waves.

Using NarSwap

If everything has gone well up to this point, connect to NarSwap with the whitelisted ERC20 address. You can swap testnet ETH for USDT, USDC, or WETH. All these are testnet tokens that don’t have any market value.

After swapping, you can add testnet tokens to a pool to earn liquidity provider rewards – on testnet, of course.

NarSwap is the first dApp custom-built for Lumio on EVM – but we hope to see many of our partners join the ecosystem in the near future. We’ll also keep whitelisting more users to collect feedback on Lumio, both on EVM and Move VM. Keep following the announcement on Pontem’s X/Twitter!

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