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Introducing Pontem Ecosystem Bounty Program


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We are super excited to announce the launch of Pontem Ecosystem Bounty Program - our biggest community program ever! These collaborative campaigns invite community members to earn rewards by engaging with Pontem and our integrators. We are eternally grateful for our devoted community and their tireless support, so we are giving back with our most ambitious engagement program yet. The Ecosystem Bounty Program empowers Pontem users, no matter their experience or technical skill, to build alongside us.

The Ecosystem Bounty Program covers a wide range, including product feedback, live events, social media, content creation, and more. Rewards include earn crypto, NFTs, and exclusive access. Beloved community contests like our Community Battles and meme contests will also be returning in this new format.

Head to the Pontem Ecosystem Bounty Program homepage to see current tasks and start earning!

Active Tasks

Open Bounties are listed in the Active Tasks section. There is a massive variety of Bounties to choose from. Some are on-chain, like Liquidswap challenges, while others are off-chain, such as submitting questions for a Pontem Q+A or writing a Twitter thread. A Bounty task can even be as simple as sharing a social media post. Click “Check My Eligibility” or “ Verify” to get started!

Be sure to read the complete details for each Bounty (in its respective widget), including a detailed description of the task, rewards, eligibility criteria, start and end dates, and more. Remember, you must follow the instructions completely in order to receive rewards!

To participate, you need to have a Pontem Wallet account and have the Pontem Wallet Chrome Extension installed. (The Chrome extension can be downloaded here.) Click  'Verify' on the campaign widget to verify your Pontem Wallet account.

Rewards and Leaderboard  

You will earn points for each bounty you complete. An $800 USD prize pool will be distributed to participants with the highest scores, with 8 individuals selected through a random number generation application, and 10 lucky users chosen from all participants every two weeks. The Leaderboard displays the current standings and updates every other Monday at 8 am EST.

The prizes are as follows:

1st Place: $150

2nd - 3rd: $100 each

4th - 8th: $60 each

Lucky Draw: $15 to 10 randomly selected users.

(Note: The top 3 positions on the leaderboard require additional verification by Pontem before receiving rewards to prevent bot activity. Please be sure to link your Telegram or Twitter when registering for Soquest so that a team member can reach you for verification.)

If you see the reward name displayed as Whitelist in "800 USD Pool," it means that by participating in this campaign, you can earn points. If you are one of the top 8 scorers or one of the 10 lucky winners, your reward will be distributed from the 800 USD prize pool. Additionally, we will have other special rewards, including but not limited to Pontem NFTs, priority whitelist access to new Pontem products, as well as rewards from integrator projects. Please read the details of each activity carefully.

The Pontem team will check all your submissions and distribute rewards every two weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join a Pontem Bounty Program?

To join, click on the "Verify" or "Check My Eligibility" button located on the campaign widget in Active Hunts and connect to the platform with the Pontem Wallet. If you don’t have a Pontem Wallet account, get started here.

What is the working principle of the program?

During the two-week round, you need to accumulate the highest number of points. This makes you eligible for selection for the main prize positions. However, you can try your luck and become a winner of the lucky draw with a small number of points. Check out the blog for details.

How many winner are there, and how are they selected?

At the end of each two-week round, the team awards prizes to 18 individuals. Eight winners with the highest scores are selected using a random number generation program. Additionally, following the same principle, we reward 10 more participants from the entire pool of round participants. The prizes are distributed as follows: 1st place: $150; 2nd - 3rd: $100 each; 4th - 8th: $60 each. Lucky Draw: $15 to 10 randomly selected users.

I completed a Bounty but I’m not seeing my reward!

First, double-check that you’ve followed all the rules for the bounty. If you have and are still missing your reward, contact the Team. Please note that rewards are distributed twice a month.

How often does the leaderboard update?

The leaderboard updates biweekly. Rewards are calculated based on the period spanning 8 am EST on Monday to 8 am EST on the following Monday.

When are Leaderboard Rewards distributed?

Leaderboard Rewards are distributed every two weeks. Please allow up to two weeks for the team to process your payout. Additional verification is required for the top three recipients.

I don’t know how to use Pontem products!

Read our article where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Alternatively, use the search bar in our Pontem blog to find all the necessary materials based on keywords.

I have an idea for a Bounty Hunt or a suggestion for the program.

We value your feedback. Please share your thoughts here.

Join your first Pontem Bounty today! Your participation helps us improve our products and grow our community together. As always, we are so grateful for your support. Let’s Move!

About Pontem

Pontem is a blockchain product studio building for Aptos, the L1 blockchain with sub-second finality and elite security. Pontem products include:

  • Pontem Wallet: the triple-audited wallet for Aptos with 300,000+ users
  • Liquidswap DEX: the most popular DEX on Aptos
  • PontemAI: an AI-powered crypto chatbot (coming soon)
  • Move Code Playground: the first browser code editor for Move





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