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Pontem introduces a new Ambassador incentive system based on dynamic NFTs


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Pontem’s ambassador program is now one of the largest in crypto

In just a month, Pontem Ambassadors has skyrocketed from zero members to 300, becoming one of the biggest community ambassador programs in the blockchain industry. This success reflects the high interest in Aptos, the “Layer 1 for everyone” founded by former Diem engineers, as well as in Pontem’s suite of foundational dApps and development tools for the Move ecosystem.

Pontem Ambassadors are fast becoming the bedrock of our community, working closely with the team to kickstart Aptos adoption. Currently there are three pathways for Pontem Ambassadors:

  • Development: assisting with beta testing, bug identification and fixes, etc.;
  • Content: articles, infographics, and videos;
  • Translation: making our site, articles, and social media accessible to our entire global community.

Since the program’s launch, the ambassadors have produced around 70 articles and 100 translations in 14 languages. Their content covers topics as diverse as the Move programming language, P2E gaming guilds, theories about Satoshi Nakamoto, and the Cardano ecosystem.

Introducing the new tier-based incentive system

Now that the first stage of the ambassador program is complete, we are ready to move to the next stage, rehauling the incentive system to promote quality, initiative, and empowerment. While the exact terms are still being finalized, the three tiers will ensure that each new ambassador is gradually introduced to different tasks and requirements.

For content creators and translators, the tiers are as follows (note that the terms can change):

Tier 1 (Ambassador): assigned when a new member successfully passes the onboarding process. A Tier-1 member gets access to the private Ambassador channel on Discord with a possibility to earn rewards through various quests and challenges, such as sharing Pontem’s news on social media. They can also submit content for evaluation and receive cash rewards if it gets accepted.

Tier 2 (Elite Ambassador): submitting 3 articles or translations that receive a high rating from our experts. Tier-2 members receive increased cash rewards and a special Discord badge. They can both create content on the topics suggested by the team or submit articles on the topics they choose themselves.

Tier 3 (Chief Ambassador): getting a high rank on the general Ambassador Leaderboard. Tier-3 members not only receive higher monetary rewards for approved content but can also review and edit other members’ articles, videos, etc. They will have an exclusive Discord badge and role close to that of a team member.

For developers and testers, we will introduce a slightly different tier system with incentives that include access to closed beta tests and private meetups with Pontem developers.

Dynamic NFTs for every ambassador

Every new program member will receive an exclusive NFT that changes and evolves as the user moves along the chosen ambassador pathway. The dynamic NFT will feature the  member’s current tier and rank (Ambassador, Elite, or Chief) – or, for developers and testers, their Examiner rank.

The NFTs will act as both a way to track each member’s progress and as a status symbol, as they will be displayed as icons on Discord. On top of that, they will provide access to token-gated Telegram channels, meetups, and more.

In the future, dynamic NFT holders will also receive boosted rewards in our DeFi protocols, token airdrops, and digital collectibles from future collections by Pontem and its partners.

Pontem is the first major blockchain studio to introduce a large-scale ambassador program based on dynamic NFTs. Just like our visionary dApps for Aptos, Pontem Ambassadors explores uncharted territory – and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Submit your ambassador application here.

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