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On March 24, Pontem hosted a community call with Gari and Aptos Monkey to discuss what they are building for the Aptos ecosystem.

You can listen to the full recording on Twitter, or Discord.

Exciting Times Ahead: Updates, and Teasers, from Aptos Monkeys.

Aptos Monkeys – a community-centered NFT project on Aptos that offers a collection of cool NFTs, and impressive community tools and resources – has been hard at work, shipping a slew of new features and preparing for upcoming releases.

The team has been diligently working on platforms like Echo and Rafflor ironing out pesky bugs and fine-tuning the user experience. Aptos Monkeys is also working on Sanctuaries which promises to be very monumental. While details are still under wraps, Nomadic Rookie suggests that it will involve houses, clans, and an array of powerful tools.

The Aptos Monkeys team recently introduced SEEDZ to enable users to earn rewards from staking monkeys. SEEDZ can also be used in Rafflor and Echo, and the team has even hinted at offering a staking platform for other projects, adding a new dimension to the Aptos Monkey economy as they will be required to pay for it with SEEDZ.

Source: Aptos Monkeys

Empowering Content Creators and Users: Chingari's Mission to Value and Reward Contributions.

DrPrk – a core contributor to the Gari Network – also joined the discussion to share some exciting updates and insights about Chingari – the world's fastest-growing on-chain social app.

Chingari aims to empower content creators and users alike. The team believes that content creation is king, and its mission is to provide a platform that truly values and rewards creators for their contributions. With their relentless efforts, Chingari has been successful in onboarding an impressive 2.5 million on-chain users.

Source: Gari Network

Chingari is set to go live on Aptos within six weeks, and the team is eagerly anticipating the traction it will gain. The community's response to their efforts in the NFT space has also been overwhelmingly positive.

Bringing Move Everywhere: Pontem's Mission to Expand the Reach of the Move Virtual Machine.

Pontem began working with Move back in 2019, before the emergence of Aptos and Sui. This was due to Pontem's recognition of the potential of the Move virtual machine to transform the way developers use Rust, making it more convenient and efficient, much like Solidity.

We explored the possibility of making Move compatible with other layer one blockchains like Cosmos and Polkadot, envisioning a future where Move could seamlessly integrate with different ecosystems.

Although these early deployments were not on mainnet, they provided invaluable insights into working with the Move virtual machine and making it compatible with diverse environments.

As Diem evolved into Aptos and Sui, the Pontem team began building products for these new networks, and we are still actively working on deploying the Move virtual machine on other ecosystems, as part of our mission to bring Move everywhere.

Breaking Barriers and Bridging Gaps: Chingaari's Vision for Inclusive Crypto Adoption.

One of the standout features of Chingari is its focus on user experience, particularly in terms of safety and censorship resistance. Chingari is taking steps to incentivize and promote meaningful interactions within its ecosystem with inbuilt audio spaces and a unique public contribution score that rewards users for their platform engagement.

The team acknowledges the importance of smoothly onboarding new users especially those who may not be familiar with blockchain technology.

User education and community management are key aspects of their approach, with efforts made to address language barriers and provide support for users to understand how to earn their first crypto.

Educate, Innovate, Inspire: Chingari's Impact on the NFT Space.

Recognizing that NFTs can be complex concepts to understand, the Chingari team has developed educational resources that help users grasp the intricacies of NFTs quickly.

This emphasis on education has played a pivotal role in user adoption, as it empowers users to confidently navigate the NFT space and make informed decisions.

The Chingari team is also exploring dynamic NFTs, and have showcased some jaw-dropping examples at ETH Denver and other NFT meetups.

Empowering Creators: Chingari's Utility-based NFTs with Discounts and VIP Badges

As a utility-based collection, Chingari's NFTs – GARI PANDAS – offer various benefits to creators, including discounts and VIP badges within the app.

Content creators who hold PANDA NFTs will be eligible to enjoy discounts on GARI payments which are required to boost their content to a wider audience. Advertisers can also enjoy percentage discounts for holding GARI PANDAS.

Source: Twitter

The team aims to onboard as many people as possible and has plans to integrate other NFT collections, such as Aptos Monkeys and Pontem Pirates in the future.

Chingari: Paving the Way for Mainstream Adoption of Decentralized Technologies in Social Media.

Chingari aims to be an evangelist for the web3 social graph, promoting the adoption of decentralized technologies and seamless user experiences across the industry. The team believes that by focusing on user experience and removing friction, web3 social apps can reach a wider audience and drive mainstream adoption of decentralized technologies.

Positioned against other Web3 social apps like Lens, Chingari stands out by offering a  seamless onboarding experience for new users. While other Web3 social apps may require users to learn about complex crypto mechanics and pay gas fees, Chingari pays the gas fees for users.

Additionally, the Chingari does not require users to create wallets and deal with complex seed phrases or private keys as users can sign up with their email address or phone number, and simply activate a wallet attached to their account.

Prioritizing User Security and Streamlining Token Management for Seamless Earnings and Withdrawals.

Chingari takes a strong stance on user security by implementing a semi-custodial approach that prioritizes the protection of user funds and private keys. The Chingari team does not have access to users assets, ensuring that they remain safe and secure at all times.

To add an extra layer of security, Chingari requires users to set a six-digit pin and security questions when creating an account. This additional measure helps prevent unauthorized access and ensures that user accounts are safeguarded. However, users may lose access to their funds if they forget the answers to their security questions.

Chingarri also enables users to carry out several transactions such as withdrawals and staking from within the app. Hence, users can easily manage their earnings and even convert them to fiat currency for withdrawal to their bank accounts without interacting with another application.

Charting the Path Ahead: Chingari's Roadmap for Global Expansion and Innovation.

For the next couple of Quarters, the Chingari team plans to launch a series of products including Chingari USA and a couple of other products that are currently in beta and not yet available for international users.

While Chingari currently offers users the option to watch ads and earn tokens in India, the plan is to make the entire platform ad-free for international users, with the introduction of paid ads where users can choose to watch ads to earn tokens.

Chingari is also working on Video NFTs which will allow content creators to monetize their premium content by selling NFTs, and buyers of these NFTs receive a percentage of the content creator's future earnings. Content creators will also be able to import their content from other social media platforms like TikTok and Facebook to Chingari and mint them as NFTs.

Source: Twitter

Unlocking Possibilities: Chingari's Balanced Tokenomics and Social E-commerce Strategy.

Chingari has meticulously crafted a token economy that prioritizes stability and longevity. Through the daily distribution of 50,000 tokens to users and a prudent allocation of tokens over the next 13 years, Chingari mitigates the risks of sudden token dumps and excessive inflation.

The benefits of Chingari's sustainable tokenomics are twofold. Firstly, it ensures the platform's long-term sustainability, with ample resources allocated for future years. Secondly, it avoids the pitfalls of over-rewarding users in the initial stages, which could result in unsustainable viral growth.

Moreover, Chingari goes beyond merely rewarding influencers with tokens. The platform is pioneering the concept of social e-commerce, facilitating connections between creators and brands, – such as Amazon, eBay, and Home Depot – and enabling users to purchase products using Chingari tokens.

Innovation Meets Creativity: The Intersection of AI and Content Creation.

The Chingari team is driven by the belief that empowering content creators with robust tools can unlock their potential to produce unparalleled and distinctive content that goes beyond the limits of traditional content creation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize content creation by allowing creators to generate short animated videos using images and prompts. Additionally, AI facilitates communication with diverse audiences by leveraging text-to-voice processing to bridge language barriers, giving content creators a significant advantage in expanding their global reach.

However, while AI presents new opportunities for creators, there are concerns about the future trajectory of this technology. Will AI-generated content ultimately replace human creativity altogether, or will it simply enhance it?


Pontem is a product development platform that enables global financial inclusion through blockchain technology. Pontem is developing infrastructure and decentralized tools for the fastest and most scalable Layer 1 blockchain – Aptos.

The Pontem Wallet is the gateway to the Aptos ecosystem available for Chrome,  Firefox, and iOS. Pontem Wallet users can send and receive tokens, connect to decentralized applications, and explore the Aptos ecosystem.

As a result of its partnership with Aptos, Pontem has developed foundational dApps like the Move Playground IDE, Liquidswap AMM, and ByteBabel code translator.

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