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Pontem Ambassador Program: Unleashing Creativity, Empowering Community, and Shaping the Future of Web3


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Exactly one year ago, Pontem launched the Pontem Ambassador Program. In just 12 months, 427 talented ambassadors produced an astonishing 1147 pieces of content and were rewarded with a grand total of 37,884 USDT.Join us in raising a toast to the extraordinary success of the Pontem Ambassador Program!

An Extraordinary Experiment

Today, we celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the Ambassador Program with immense pride and gratitude.  Pontem’s ambassadors are breathing life into Pontem's social media channels and website with their articles, translations, videos, and graphic designs.

At the heart of the Pontem Ambassador Program lies the commitment to drive the adoption of Aptos. Ambassadors contribute their skills and expertise in three distinct ways: development, content creation, and translation. This diverse ecosystem empowers individuals to find their passion and actively contribute to the growth of the Pontem community.

Vitaliy, Community Growth Lead at Pontem, shares his insights on the Pontem Ambassador program:

“The Pontem Ambassador program started as one big experiment: instead of filtering out only the best professionals, we decided to give everyone a chance. We created a space where individuals can grow and develop their skills.
Usually, Ambassador programs are limited to 100 people because it is cheaper and easier to manage. Our goal, though, was to build the biggest ambassador program from scratch - and we did. Over 4 months, we distributed $35,000 and obtained 1000+ unique content pieces for Pontem.
Our ambassador program was frequently mentioned in web3 media as the best place to learn, contribute, and earn rewards during a bear market. We’ll continue to innovate and provide new opportunities for our ambassadors. Thank you for your support!”

Ascending the Tiers: Recognition, Rewards, and Empowerment

The Ambassador Program offers a tiered structure, rewarding ambassadors for their dedication and excellence.

  1. Tier 1 (Ambassador). Tier-1 members gain access to a private Discord channel. They have the opportunity to earn rewards through quests, challenges, and content creation.
  2. Tier 2 (Elite Ambassador). Elite Ambassadors can unlock higher rewards and receive a special Discord badge. They also have the freedom to choose tasks aligned with their expertise and interests.
  3. Tier 3 (Chief Ambassador). Chief Ambassadors are entrusted with additional responsibilities and privileges. They receive higher monetary rewards for approved content, an exclusive Discord badge, and a role akin to a team member.

Nurturing Talent and Collaboration: Testers and Developers

Pontem recognizes the vital role played by testers and developers in the success of our projects. To honor their contributions, we have established a separate tier system tailored to their unique needs. Incentives such as access to closed beta tests and direct communication with Pontem developers provide invaluable opportunities for growth, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing.

Ambassadors' Experiences: Stories of Inspiration and Growth

We asked three of our outstanding ambassadors what drives their dedication and contributions to Pontem, its community, and the program.

Irakli, Tier 2 Ambassador, 3D Design

Irakli has prepared 54 designs and visuals for the project and received $2565 in rewards.

“I came across the Pontem Ambassador Program on Twitter. The project stood out among others launching on Aptos, especially in terms of design. I think that rewarding those who contribute quality content is a brilliant idea. I started working closely with the marketing team, and taking on more and more tasks for Pontem. Currently, my focus is on 3D animations, because that’s what I’m really good at. The most challenging work so far has been this animation for Liquidswap.

I like it that the Pontem team focuses on improving quality in all areas - while so many others simply flood Twitter with low-quality images to get some likes. The quality of my own work has definitely improved since I joined the program. It’s a great way for active and talented individuals to advance professionally.
Pontem’s ambassador program is surely one of the best such programs out there, if not the absolute best. For those aspiring to join the program, my advice is this: find an area where you already have good results, and keep expanding it.”

Agafon, Tier 3 Ambassador, Graphic Design:

Agafon has prepared 110 designs and visuals for the project and received $2410 in rewards.

“I discovered Pontem’s Ambassador Program in July 2022. At first, I just wanted to earn some rewards. But once I got to know the project team, I was thrilled to become part of the Aptos ecosystem.
As an ambassador, I gained invaluable experience and had the opportunity to work as a graphic designer on a contract basis. One work that I’m particularly proud of is the Space Pirates NFT collection, which is one of the top-ranked collections on Aptos.
I think the program is already awesome, but there can never be too much great content, right? I encourage all ambassadors, both new and current, to continue developing their skills and strive for greatness.”
One of Agafon’s designs

Aniekan Udo, Tier 2 Ambassador, Content Author

Udo has prepared 61 pieces of content for the project and received a reward of $2850.

“Being a Pontem ambassador has been a transformative journey. For me, it opened doors to new opportunities and connections in Web3. I like the unique reward structure and freedom to express my creativity and my passion for Web3. Pontem’s dedicated team is an inspiration in itself.
As an ambassador, I've gained valuable insights into the Web3 industry and expanded my professional network. The program really empowers ambassadors and accelerates blockchain adoption. My advice to current and future ambassadors: embrace curiosity and lifelong learning. Pontem gives you huge resources - make the most of them! As you contribute your unique skills and ideas, you’ll be making a positive impact on your career, too.”

Embrace the Ambassador Journey, Shape the Future

The Pontem Ambassador Program stands for the power of collaboration, innovation, and shared purpose. The dedication and remarkable contributions of our ambassadors propel Pontem's vision forward. Here, talent meets opportunity, and individuals are empowered to shape the future of Web3.

We have exciting innovations in store for the Ambassador Program in 2023. This is your chance to join a community of Web3 professionals that will serve as a springboard for your personal and professional growth. Each task you complete has the potential to make a significant impact on your career.

Let’s continue to unleash creativity, foster innovation, and build a future where Web3 thrives. The Pontem Ambassador Program awaits those who dare to make a difference. Join us on this extraordinary journey today.

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