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Pontem Wallet is listed in Huawei AppGallery


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We are proud to announce that Pontem Wallet is the first native Aptos wallet to get added to AppGallery – the official Huawei app store with 580 million monthly users. All the details below.

The importance of listing on AppGallery

AppGallery is an app store developed by Huawei for devices that run its signature HarmonyOS. It boasts more than 580 million monthly active users and features over 220,000 apps, including all the staples – Tik Tok, Booking.com, Telegram etc.  And from now on, Pontem Wallet is also available in AppGallery.

Huawei is the no.1 smartphone brand in China: in 2023, it managed to get ahead of Apple in the world’s biggest smartphone market. It’s also the leading company in the 5G sector, both in China and worldwide.

However, since 2019, Huawei has been blocked from using Google Mobile services in its phones due to a trade row between the governments of the US and China. As a result, Google Play Store doesn’t come pre-installed on Huawei devices anymore. Though users can still sideload Play Store manually and get apps from there, it’s not straightforward and normally voids the phone’s software warranty.

AppGallery is a much easier alternative: it comes pre-installed on every Huawei device and has all the apps an average user may need. This is now the go-to app store for hundreds of millions of users, especially in Asia – and any startup that wants to thrive in the Asian market should try and adapt its app for AppGallery.  

Pontem has ambitious plans for expansion in Asia, including partnerships with some of the leading tech companies in the region. Making Pontem Wallet available in the native Huawei app store is just one of the first steps.

Using Pontem Wallet on Huawei

Until now, there has been no native Aptos wallets on AppGallery – and we are proud that Pontem Wallet is the first. Luckily, none of the wallet’s core features depend on Google Mobile Services, so adapting the app for AppGallery wasn’t difficult, but it still took time. We had to test Pontem Wallet on various devices running HarmonyOS that make sure it doesn’t crash – and only after that did we publish the wallet to AppGallery for verification.

The functionality is the same for the Huawei version as for the regular Android version. You can:

  • send, store, and receive cryptocurrency;
  • buy APT with a bank card;
  • swap dozens of tokens right in the wallet;
  • manage your NFT collection;
  • buy and sell NFTs from the most popular collections on Topaz – including Pontem’s Space Pirates;
  • explore Aptos dApps via the in-wallet browser;
  • unlock the wallet with biometrics, etc.

Get Pontem Wallet from Huawei AppGallery

Once again, here the official link for Pontem Wallet in AppGallery.

If you are already using Pontem Wallet on a Huawei device after installing it from a different source, you may wish to remove the wallet (just make sure to save the secret phrase/mnemonic first) and re-install it from AppGallery. This will give you automatic updates.

Please do share your feedback on installing and using Pontem Wallet for Aptos on Huawei. If you experience any technical issues, let us know in Telegram or in Discord – someone from the team is always there and happy to help.

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