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How to use Ledger with Pontem wallet: a short guide


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Pontem Wallet is now  the first wallet for Aptos with Ledger support!The app is still experimental, but you can already store APT on a Ledger Nano and send it to others. What’s more, you can easily swap crypto on the Liquidswap DEX using the smooth Ledger integration with Pontem Wallet.

What’s Ledger?

Ledger is the most popular brand of hardware wallets -- electronic  devices that store crypto and are disconnected from the internet (also known as “cold storage”). They are the most secure way to store cryptocurrency, because there is no way for hackers to get to the wallet except for brief moments when it’s  attached to a computer. Because Pontem Wallet and Liquidswap are now integrated with Ledger, it’s easier than ever to take advantage of these security benefits.

Step 1: set up Ledger to work with Aptos

Important! The Aptos app is still awaiting an audit by the Ledger team, so all the features are experimental. Use it at your own risk and please let Pontem know of any bugs and UX issues.

A Ledger app for Aptos is finally available! It’s still in Developer Mode, so there are a couple of extra steps to do before you can set up an Aptos account on Ledger.

We assume that you already have Ledger Live – the app for all things Ledger. Make sure that both your device’s firmware and your Ledger Live app are updated to the latest version.

First, connect your Ledger Nano device to the computer via USB or Bluetooth and unlock it.

In the Settings section (the gear icon in the top right corner), go to the Experimental Features tab and toggle Developer Mode to On. This is because the Aptos app is still pending review by the Ledger team (but it’s working great).

Step 2: Install the Aptos app

Go to My Ledger and search for Aptos in the app catalog. Once Ledger Live locates the app,  click Install.

After the installation, the app’s status will change to Installed. You should also be able to select Aptos on the Ledger device itself.

If you can’t see the Aptos app even after activating the Developer Mode, make sure that your Ledger Nano device has the latest firmware version installed. This is because new apps and updates are only released for the new firmware versions.

Step 3: Create and fund an Aptos account on Ledger

When you install the Aptos app and connect the Ledger device to Pontem Wallet, your Ledger will automatically create as many Aptos accounts as you wish. They will all hold 0 APT at the start, of course.

Make sure that you are using the latest version of Pontem Wallet so that  Ledger support is activated automatically. Open Pontem Wallet, click on the My Accounts jazzicon in the top right, and choose Connect Hardware Wallet.

Make sure that the Ledger device is connected to the computer (via USB or Bluetooth) and unlocked, and that the Aptos app is open (the Ledger display should say ‘Aptos’).

Click Continue, then enter your password on Ledger. You may see a "Pending Ledger review" message when opening the application on Ledger; to access the app, simply press both buttons on the Ledger device. Once the Ledger security audit is complete, this message will no longer be displayed.

Finally, you’ll see the words ‘Aptos is ready’ on the device. Now, you can add any of your Aptos accounts on Ledger. If you don’t see the account you’re looking for, just click Next to select more.

Confirm importing each account on the Ledger device, verifying that the path and address are correct.

You’ll see your newly added Ledger accounts on the list.

You’ll need to fund your new Ledger Aptos accounts before using them with Liquidswap and other apps. If you have APT and other tokens on a different Aptos account, you can just send them to your new Ledger address. Or you can buy some APT on Binance, KuCoin, Coinbase, etc. and withdraw them to a Ledger account address (which you can always see in Pontem Wallet).

Step 4: Connect Ledger to Liquidswap

In Pontem Wallet, select the account associated with your Ledger. Now connect to Liquidswap just like you always do. Choose the coins and amounts to be swapped.

The only difference when swapping on Liquidswap with Ledger comes at the moment of confirmation. You’ll need to manually confirm the swap and the gas fee physically on the device.

That’s it! You should soon see the result of the swap in your account and the transaction itself will be displayed in the Activity tab in Pontem Wallet. The tokens you’ve just bought are now safely stored on the Ledger.

We are proud to be the first Aptos wallet integration with Ledger! But that’s just a taste of what  we have planned for 2023. Follow Pontem Network on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram for  updates on our Aptos products, including the Liquidswap DEX, ByteBabel code translator, and our non-custodial software wallet, Pontem Wallet.

About Pontem

Pontem Network is a product studio building for Aptos and the wider Move ecosystem. We work in close collaboration with the Aptos Foundation to deliver secure audited dApps and groundbreaking tools for coders, including ByteBabel,the first EVM implementation for Aptos,and Move Code Playground, the first browser code editor for Move.

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