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Pontem Weekly Livestream Recap September 30, 2022


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Welcome back as we answer some questions from the community!

1. How will Pontem value its community? What ways can Pontem build a strong, supportive community that will last? How many communities does Pontem currently have for its non-English users?

We value our community a lot. We enable our supporters to join our ambassador program so they can help us build the community and grow the ecosystem. A lot of our support also comes from our chats and group discussions on our livestreams, Telegram, and Discord. We have a lot of different languages in our Discord and we have specific geographical Telegram chats.    

2. When does Pontem plan to develop activity on other chains?

We definitely want to deploy the Move VM on other layer-1s, most specifically, currently Ethereum layer 2 Arbitrum and BNB Chain. We developed a parachain for Polkadot, so that could also be in the roadmap.  

3. Does Pontem only support PC devices or will it be compatible with Android and iOS?

The wallet will soon have a mobile app, which will be available for both iOS and Android, so keep an eye out for that.

4. What are the highlights and products that you think will be successful? What plans do you have to attract more users?  

Generally, we want to build the best user experience for whoever uses our products so that they’re easy to adopt. Network incentives and tokenomics will help us grow step-by-step. That coupled with a good user experience and low fees should drive adoption.

5. Do I need to pay to acquire the wallet? Are there plans to make sure people don’t pirate the software?

The wallet will be completely free, you don’t have to pay to get it or use it. People could theoretically pirate the software, but pirated versions would be easy enough to avoid.    

6. Will the wallet user interface change in the future?

Yes, it’s always changing and evolving as we make it better. We need your feedback as much as possible on it so we can give users the best experience, so we appreciate that.  

7. What does it mean by supporting private key rotation and recovery?

This means that, similar to how you can change your password for your accounts, you will be able to change your private key. This is good security hygiene, making sure your private key isn’t compromised. The alternative would be to send the funds to a new private key, and this saves you that extra step. I’m not exactly sure how recovery works, I’d have to do more research into that. These features are actually native to Aptos, and we’ll be enabling them through the wallet.    

8. How is the Move VM cross-chain compatible?

Essentially, you’re able to deploy the virtual machine on most layer-1s that would enable it, which is theoretically any layer 1. We’re eyeing Ethereum. The easiest way to do that would be on a layer-2 that enables custom runtimes. We’ve been researching Arbitrum, which seems like a good option, so keep an eye out for that. You can essentially deploy these custom runtimes, similar to how you have Neon on Solana running an EVM. You can also run the Move VM on other layer-1s, which is what we’re aiming to enable. This would allow applications like Liquidswap and the Pontem Wallet to deploy on other layer-1s without having to maintain two different code bases.      

9. What are the main goals for each product?

To grow as much as possible and to provide the best user experience. We want everyone to use the wallet as they think about using Aptos and the Move ecosystem. For Liquidswap, we want to have the best pricing so whenever you want to do a swap, you have the most liquid swaps. And for the wallet, we want to have the most users.

10. What do you hope to achieve with Aptos going live on mainnet?

We want all of our products to be live day 1. We are going to have everything audited by the time we go live. Our main goal is to have the best user experience and to provide reliability. As long as things don’t go down, we’re anticipating a lot of demand. We want to make sure things can stay up as we deal with the anticipated high demand.

11. Do you believe in decentralization?

Definitely. It’s the reason why we’re even here. While centralized parties can be efficient, they are corruptible. Decentralization can be chaotic, which is why there's a spectrum of it.    

That’s it for this week. We plan to have more guests in the future and we plan to make all of our livestreams available on podcast streaming platforms as well so keep an eye out for all of that. In the meantime, all of the livestreams are live on our Youtube channel, which you can check out and subscribe to here. Also join our Discord and Telegram channel and follow us on Twitter. See you next week!  

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