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On February 15, Pontem hosted a community call with Aptomingos, an NFT project on Aptos that values transparency, exclusivity, and education to discuss NFTs and their potential impact on various industries, including gaming and entertainment.

The discussion also covers the Aptomingos journey, the possibility and complexities of integrating NFTs into esports, and the potential for NFTs in storytelling and community-building.

You can listen to the full recording on Twitter, Discord, or YouTube.

Source: Aptomingos

Aptomingos: The NFT Project Embracing Transparency and Community

Transparency is a rare commodity in the NFT industry. Many NFT projects tout their exclusivity and community, but few are willing to be truly transparent about their inner workings. Enter Aptomingos, a rising star in the NFT space that prides itself on its commitment to transparency, community, and education.

Aptomingos is the brainchild of Fischer, a former professional gamer who found himself with a surplus of cash and a thirst for excitement. Like many in his shoes, Fischer started by investing in stocks and index funds. But it wasn't long before he craved something more thrilling. That's when he discovered NFTs.

Fischer commenced his foray into the blockchain realm with Solana and also delved into the Ethereum ecosystem.

However, during his early experiences, he observed that the cost of getting into the NFT space was exorbitant, thereby creating a substantial obstacle for individuals without ample financial resources who were interested in investing in NFTs. This was one of many factors that impelled him towards building his own NFT project on Aptos.

Aptomingos is different from other NFT projects because it places a premium on transparency. The team makes all transactions public and clear, ensuring that everyone knows exactly where their money is going. This commitment to transparency extends to the community, as well.

Fischer and his team believe that open communication between founders and investors is crucial for building trust and fostering a healthy community.

Aptomingos emphasizes exclusivity, alpha, and education, and aims to be more than just another NFT project; it is a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about the space and eager to learn from one another. To that end, the team offers educational resources to help investors better understand the NFT ecosystem and make informed decisions.

The Evolution of Gaming: From Hobby to Professional Career

Video games have come a long way from being just a hobby to a full-fledged professional career. With the rise of esports, gamers are no longer limited to playing for fun, but instead, have the opportunity to make a living by playing games. These professional gamers can earn millions of dollars each year, travel the world, and compete at the highest level of their chosen game.

However, being a professional gamer is not an easy feat. It requires intense training regimens and the ability to adapt quickly to new strategies and game updates. The pressure to perform at the highest level is intense, and the competition is fierce.

One unique challenge in the professional gaming space is the cultural bias against older players. In some games, players are considered old at the age of 25 and are often pushed out in favor of younger, more moldable players.  

Despite these challenges, the rewards of being a professional gamer can be significant. Not only can gamers earn a living doing what they love, but they also have the opportunity to connect with fans and other gamers from around the world.

With the rise of new technologies such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs, gamers have new opportunities to diversify their portfolio and increase their returns.

Possibilities and Complexities of Integrating NFTs in Esports

It is conceivable to integrate NFTs into the gaming industry to establish a decentralized esports ecosystem where NFT holders would have the power to make critical decisions such as hiring players, voting on coaches, and other team-related matters.

However, there are several complexities to consider, particularly when integrating NFTs into existing esports contracts. These contracts are often intricate, with legal terms and transfer windows that can be challenging to navigate. Nevertheless, the use of NFTs has the potential to create a more substantial and diverse esports community.

NFTs provide a distinct approach to cultivating a culture for individuals, which has led many enthusiasts to explore their potential in gaming communities as they create a feeling of exclusivity and enthusiasm that is difficult to replicate with conventional collectibles.

The convergence of traditional Web 2.0 media and entertainment with the new opportunities presented by NFTs is also an exciting development. With NFTs, gamers can interact with esports in previously impossible novel ways, creating fresh experiences and revenue streams.

The potential for experimentation is vast, commencing with smaller games and progressively expanding as the concept gains momentum.

NFTs: A New Frontier for Storytelling and Community-Building

At the heart of the NFT ecosystem is storytelling. Each NFT represents a unique story that is told through the art, design, and symbolism of the asset. Whether it's a profile picture, a gaming character, or a piece of virtual real estate, the NFT has a narrative that draws in collectors and enthusiasts alike.

This narrative is further enhanced by the scarcity and exclusivity of the NFT, which creates a sense of ownership and belonging that is hard to replicate in the physical world.

In addition to storytelling, community building is another key element of the NFT ecosystem. Unlike traditional collectibles or art, NFTs are not static objects that sit on a shelf or hang on a wall. They exist within a digital community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for the same asset or creator.

This community is what drives the value of the NFT, as collectors and investors are willing to pay a premium to be part of something exclusive and exciting.

Source: Twitter

The most successful NFT projects have been those that have prioritized community building and engagement. The Bored Apes Yacht Club, for example, has built a massive following of passionate collectors and enthusiasts who are invested in the success of the project.

The Gutter Cat Gang, another popular NFT project, has created a sense of camaraderie and shared culture among its members, who are willing to hold onto their assets for the long term.

As the NFT ecosystem continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how it develops new ways of fostering storytelling and community building. With the rise of metaverses and other virtual environments, there will be even more opportunities to create immersive experiences that draw in collectors and enthusiasts from around the world.

From DeGods to Aptomingos: Contrasting Approaches to NFT Community Building

Frank DeGods, the pseudonym of Rohun Vora, is a former UCLA film student who founded two of the top NFT projects on Solana - DeGods and y00ts. The name "Frank" was inspired by the musician Frank Ocean.

People have started comparing Fischer to Frank, calling him the ‘'Frank of Aptos'’ and while Fischer appreciates the comparison, he also acknowledges the differences between himself and Frank. While Frank faced a moment of despair when his project was initially not successful, Fischer hasn't had that moment yet.

In December 2021 and January 2022, DeGods was nearly dead, with paperhand issues pushing it to the brink. However, Vora did not give up. Instead, he rallied the community, created a plan, and worked to fix the issues. This determination and resilience set him apart from other NFT founders and cemented his place as a leading figure in the space.

Aptomingos on the other hand was designed in a way that it couldn't fail, and it has gone pretty well for the project so far.

The DeGods community is seen as a "ride or die" community, while Aptomingos is more of an exclusive community that is loyal, structured, and reliable. Aptomingos spent a lot of time building a whitelist and only allowed people who were genuinely interested in the project and its ecosystem to join the community. This approach is quite different from that of DeGods, where everyone is welcome.

Inspired by General Sol of the Sol Army, Fischer created a responsible, structured, and education-centered community. Although, he still acknowledges the value of communities like DeGods, which are more casual and carefree.

Fischer acknowledges that he has a responsible side but also has the desire to be a part of something exclusive and cool, similar to what many in the NFT community desire. This sentiment will be reflected in Gen 2, where Fischer intends to cater to those looking for something exclusive and exciting.

Source: Aptomingos

Gen 2: An Exciting and Innovative Addition to the NFT Ecosystem on Aptos

Gen 2, the highly-anticipated NFT collection, is about to hit the Aptos ecosystem, and it promises to break free from the ordinary and embrace something wilder. With just a few teasers released about its art and lore, the collection is shrouded in secrecy, but it's clear that Gen 2 is going to be different from anything we've seen before.

What makes Gen 2 unique and exciting is its focus on capturing the minds of those who are looking for something more than the mundane 9-to-5 grind as this collection is designed to appeal to those who are feeling stuck or lost and are seeking a little more excitement in their lives.

With a target age range of 20-35 or even 40, Gen 2 aims to provide an escape from the boring routine and offer something truly captivating and engaging. The art is said to have a "wilder side component," and the marketing strategy will convey a sense of chaos and unpredictability. The goal is to create something genuinely cool and desirable.

One of the most exciting things about Gen 2 is its unique approach to staking and rewards, the team is looking to put its spin on staking by implementing a more innovative approach. Drawing inspiration from video games, they want to reward long-term holders for completing minor tasks and learning the game.

The team is currently in talks with Aptos Labs to finalize the details of this new staking system. They want to create something that makes more sense than just adding utilities to a token, which they feel is an outdated approach.  

Beyond Digital Art: Exploring the Expansive Potential of NFTs

NFTs have already shown themselves to be a valuable tool for creators and collectors alike, allowing for the ownership and transfer of digital goods in a way that was previously impossible.

However, there is still much more to be explored when it comes to NFTs, and the possibilities for their use and expansion are endless. One potential application of NFTs is as a vehicle for financial primitives in DeFi.

NFTs could be used to represent ownership or stake in liquidity pools, for example, or to access boosted rewards in yield farming programs. Additionally, time-based staking mechanisms could be implemented using NFTs, with longer stakers receiving greater rewards.

The flexibility of NFTs also allows for experimentation with different types of staking mechanisms and reward structures, potentially leading to new and innovative financial products in the DeFi space. By integrating NFTs into these systems, developers could also create more accessible and user-friendly tools for creators and communities to participate in DeFi.


At the core of the Aptomingos project is a collection of 1212 distinctive, pixelated flamingos that exist as NFTs on the Aptos blockchain. Aptomingos operates on a set of guiding principles that prioritize community, exclusivity, alpha, and education.

The Aptomingos team highly values honesty and transparency between the founders and investors, with the ultimate goal of creating a well-informed and respected community within the Aptos ecosystem.


Pontem is a product development platform that enables global financial inclusion through blockchain technology. Pontem is developing infrastructure and decentralized tools for the fastest and most scalable Layer 1 blockchain – Aptos.

The Pontem Wallet is the gateway to the Aptos ecosystem available for Chrome,  Firefox, and iOS. Pontem Wallet users can send and receive tokens, connect to decentralized applications, and explore the Aptos ecosystem.

As a result of its partnership with Aptos, Pontem has developed foundational dApps like the Move Playground IDE, Liquidswap AMM, and ByteBabel code translator.

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