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Product Update Livestream 26 August


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Alejo hosted another stream on Friday, where he answered previously asked questions, shared information about the wallet and community development, and talked about a fictional world where the crypto space is represented as a whole new world. In this article we will share the bullet points from this session.


The initial goal is to make a wallet that is secure and ready for production. Pontem wants to build a product-platform that is well integrated into the ecosystem.

There are plans to add NFT support to the wallet.

The wallet will be available on mobile devices as there are a lot of smartphones and no convenient ecosystem for them. The primary focus in crypto around PCs and this needs to be fixed.

Integrations and partnerships for online payments are important, but Pontem can't name the specific products. Security is crucial because Pontem is responsible both with its reputation and users’ funds.


Pontem wants to help organize a self-sustaining community, where people help and appreciate each other.

A good way to meet in person is to attend conferences where Pontem will be present, which will definitely be announced. Meetings like this help build a stronger and more supportive community.

There are plans to create a DAO, a sub-DAO. Pontem values ​​decentralization and has a belief in giving power back to the people.


Expect to see Pontem on Spotify.

Pontem will keep an eye on all areas regarding: audits, tracking decentralization, collateral, exotic assets, etc.

In the future a fictional story will be published about the galaxy where planets Bitcoin, Pontem, etc. exist, about its inhabitants (users), gods, heroes and villains.

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