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Pontem Wallet for Android: Install Now to Use Aptos on Android


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Just weeks after the release of the Pontem Wallet app for iOS, our popular Aptos wallet is coming to the Android Play Store. Discover all the features and make your first APT transaction on Android today.

What is Pontem Aptos Wallet for Android?

Pontem Wallet has just released an Aptos wallet app for Android – the mobile operating system used by over 70% of smartphones in the world. This makes Pontem the first Aptos wallet to become available on all Chrome, iOS, Android, and Firefox. Pontem was also the first to launch an Aptos app for Ledger.

Pontem is one of the most used Aptos wallets with 100k+ installs. It features easy NFT management and a dApp browser with 10+ audited and verified Aptos DeFi dApps and NFT marketplaces.

Pontem Wallet even has a native DEX integration: you can enjoy swaps with Liquidswap without leaving the wallet.

The first version of Pontem Wallet for Android has a rich array of features:

  • Store, send, and receive APT and other tokens on Aptos
  • Import tokens from the list of verified assets or using a smart contract address
  • Pay with a QR code
  • Swap APT, USDT, USDC, SOL, and other tokens using a built-in integration with Liquidswap
  • View transaction history
  • Explore Aptos dApps in the directory
  • Search the web
  • Share your public Aptos address to social media as well as via messengers
  • Connect directly to the official Pontem Telegram chat
  • Export private keys, and more

In the very near future, we’ll add NFT management on Android, as well as more dApp integrations. You can read more about our plans for the mobile wallet in our roadmap update.

How to use Pontem Wallet on Android

Install Pontem Wallet

Install the app from Android Play Store and open it. Be careful: use only the link in this article or on the official website. Scammers are able to create a fake app under the same name and can steal your seed phrase.

Create or import a wallet

If you don’t have an Aptos wallet yet, select Create Wallet. Make sure to save the seed phrase in a safe place: we plan to add a feature that allows you to view your seed phrase, but for now there is no way to recover it if you lose it. If you create a brand new wallet, you’ll need to deposit some APT before you can make any transactions. Read our FAQ on how to deposit APT in a wallet.

If you already use Pontem Wallet or any other Aptos wallet extension (Martian, Petra, Fewcha, etc.), select Import Wallet, paste the seed phrase, and create a password.

Importing with a private key. If you prefer to use a private key instead of a seed phrase to import a wallet, make sure that it begins with 0x. If your private key begins with something else, simply add 0x in front.

Pontem will automatically import your main Aptos account. If you have other accounts with a non-zero APT balance, you can import them by tapping Account → Create New Account. Repeat this as many times as needed to restore all your accounts that contain some APT.

If you have an account that you have previously imported using the private key,  you’ll need to use the Import an Account option. See the FAQ for details on using private keys.

Send  APT and other tokens

Tap Send and either paste the recipient’s Aptos address or scan the QR code if you have one. For example, if you want to send APT to an exchange like Binance, there will be an option to use a QR code for deposits. Note that you’ll need to give the wallet permission to use the phone camera.

Soon, we’ll also add the ability to search for a recipient’s Aptos Names domain.

Receive crypto

If you tap on Receive on the main wallet screen, you’ll see a QR code and your account address underneath it. Tap on the Copy icon next to the address to copy it to the clipboard, or on the Export icon to share it directly via Telegram, Whatsapp, etc.

Add new tokens

In Aptos, you need to register (import) a token before you can make any transactions with it. This is a security feature that protects users from malicious assets.

Pontem Wallet for Android has a long list of approved tokens, including assets bridged over Wormhole and Celer, as well as native Aptos tokens: USDA, ABEL, ALT, CAKE, etc.

If your token is not listed, go to Custom Coin and paste in the token’s contract address. It can normally be found in the project’s official Discord or documentation.

The dApp will fill in the token symbol and the number of decimals. Once you click Confirm, you’ll need to pay a small gas fee.

Swap APT and other crypto

Tap Swap on the main screen, then Connect Wallet on the Liquidswap screen. Connect your Pontem Wallet. Then proceed as you normally would on Liquidswap: choose the pair, enter the amount to swap, and set the slippage. Confirm in the app, and it’s done!

Export private key

If you realize that you don’t remember your seed phrase anymore, you should urgently export the private key to be able to recover the wallet in case you lose access to your phone. Tap on the hamburger menu → Settings → Security & Privacy → Show private key. You’ll need to enter the password. Copy the private key and save it in a very safe location.

Built-in browser

Select Browser in the hamburger menu and discover 15+ popular Aptos dApps, including Liquidswap, Topaz, Ditto, Tortuga, Aries Markets, Souffl3, etc. Tap on any of them to go directly to the project’s website.

You can use the browser to search the web with DuckDuckGo, open more tabs, etc.

Connect with the Pontem community

Open the hamburger menu, tap Community, and get teleported straight to the official Pontem Network Chat.

Important! Use only the Telegram link on the website or in the wallet app to join the official group. Don’t use Telegram search, because you’ll get a lot of fake Pontem groups in the results – and they will try to scam you.

We are already working on the next update for the new Pontem Wallet app, with an improved design and even more features. Try it and please share your feedback with Pontem on Telegram afterwards – it really helps us get better!

About Pontem

Pontem Network is a product studio building the first-ever suite of foundational dApps for Aptos. It includes Pontem Wallet; Liquidswap, the first DEX (AMM) for Aptos; browser code editor Move Playground; the Move IntelliJ IDE plugin for developers; and the Solidity to Move translator ByteBabel - the first implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine for Aptos.

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