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On March 10, Pontem hosted a community call with Ledger, the leading crypto hard wallet provider.

You can listen to the full recording on Twitter, or Discord.

Source: Pontem

Ledger: More Than Just a Wallet - A Vibrant Ecosystem of Possibilities

Choosing the right hardware wallet is crucial for safeguarding your digital assets. Among the many options available, Ledger stands out for the unique differentiators that make it a top choice for crypto holders.

Some of these key differentiators include:

  1. Its impeccable security track record:

Unlike other crypto wallets that have been vulnerable to attacks, Ledger has never been hacked. This unparalleled level of security provides peace of mind, knowing that your cryptocurrency holdings are safe and secure within the Ledger device.

  1. Its open platform approach:

Ledger encourages and supports developers to build and submit applications for review, creating a vibrant ecosystem of diverse applications that can be integrated with the hardware wallet. This allows for innovation as anyone can create their applications and integrate them with Ledger.

The open-source nature of Ledger further enhances its appeal. Users can access the code of every application on Ledger's GitHub page, contributing to the development process and making submissions for improvements. This transparent and inclusive approach fosters a sense of community participation, making Ledger a truly user-centric hardware wallet.

Behind the Scenes: How Ledger Ensures Secure App Integration in their Wallet

Ledger adopts a meticulous approach to app integration, leaving no stone unturned in ensuring the highest level of safety. The process consists of several key steps:

  1. Functional Review: Ledger conducts a thorough functional review of the app, checking it against guidelines to ensure it meets the required functionalities.
  1. Developer Mode Release: After the functional review is completed, the app is then released in developer mode, allowing for further testing and development by the app developers.
  1. Security Audit: To ensure the highest level of security, Ledger conducts a comprehensive security audit of the app. This involves rigorous testing and scrutiny by a team of experienced security engineers, who thoroughly review the code and identify any potential issues or vulnerabilities.
  1. Partnership with External Security Auditing Firms: Ledger may also explore partnerships with external security auditing firms to streamline the audit process and expedite the release of new apps.
  1. Issue Resolution: Once the security audit is completed and any identified issues are resolved, Ledger works closely with the app developers to finalize the integration process.

Ledger's Perspective of the Broader Crypto Ecosystem

Ledger keeps a close eye on emerging trends and developments in the crypto space. One trend that has caught their attention is the growing interest in zero-knowledge proofs.

These revolutionary cryptographic techniques offer a way to complete efficient and secure transactions without divulging sensitive information, paving the way for enhanced privacy and security for users.

Ledger is eagerly tracking the potential of this cutting-edge technology as it continues to shape the future of the broader crypto ecosystem.

Exciting Times Ahead: Ledger Teases New Products.

Ledger has some exciting products on the horizon that are sure to capture the attention of the crypto community. One of the most anticipated upcoming products from Ledger is a new device called Stax.

This eagerly awaited device promises to improve user experience, with a screen that is not only bigger but also more intuitive and user-friendly.

Source: Metaverse Post

While the details of other upcoming projects from Ledger are still under wraps, there are hints of even more exciting developments on the horizon, more information is expected to be revealed later this year, possibly as early as June.

Unlocking New Frontiers: Ledger's Openness to Emerging Projects and Integration Possibilities

Apart from collaborating with existing ecosystems, Ledger is also open to exploring new projects that may not have hit the market yet but hold promise.

The team at Ledger engages in discussions with various projects, ranging from token-based apps to blockchains, to explore integration possibilities.

They even have a developer portal that is open source, providing resources for developers to learn how to integrate their applications with Ledger.

Enhancing Wallet Security: How Ledger Can Protect You from Dusting Attacks

Ledger's innovative technology offers a unique approach to wallet security. By providing the option to import Ledger accounts, users can keep their seed phrases offline and away from potential online threats.  

This means that even if your mobile device, especially Android, which is known for its security vulnerabilities, falls victim to attacks like dusting, your wallet remains safeguarded.

The benefits of Ledger integration are already evident in Pontem's desktop extension wallet, which allows users to import Ledger accounts and enjoy enhanced security. However, we are working on including the integration on our mobile wallet.

Source: Pontem

Ledger's Journey to Becoming a Household Name

Ledger has earned a reputation for being the smartest and most secure hardware wallet on the market, securing up to 20% of the world's crypto assets and a staggering 30% of the world's NFTs.

But how did Ledger achieve such a prominent status?

Ledger's success can be attributed to several key factors that set it apart from the competition, including:

  1. Openness and Transparency:

Ledger takes pride in its unwavering commitment to being open and transparent. Unlike some other hardware wallet providers, Ledger has never shied away from being transparent about its security measures, making it a trusted choice among users.

  1. Impeccable Security Record:

Ledger's dedication to safety and security is exemplified by its track record of never being hacked. In an industry where security breaches and hacks can make headlines, Ledger has managed to maintain an impeccable record.

While there may be videos or claims online about Ledger being hacked, the authenticity of such claims is questionable and often lacks concrete evidence.

  1. Usability and User Experience:

Ledger also places a strong emphasis on usability and user experience. Its intuitive interface and user-friendly features have made it a top choice among users who value ease of use and convenience.

Crackdown on Counterfeit Ledgers: Essential Tips to Ensure Authenticity

With the increasing popularity of Ledger devices, counterfeiters are attempting to cash in on the brand's reputation, posing a serious threat to unsuspecting buyers. However, our partners shared some helpful tips to help users avoid fake Ledger devices:

  • Verify Authenticity: When connecting your Ledger device to the Ledger Live software, always check to confirm if your device is legitimate. This step is crucial in ensuring that you're not using a counterfeit device that may compromise the security of your assets.
  • Purchase from Official Sources: Only purchase Ledger devices from official sources. Stick to trusted platforms such as Ledger.com, and Amazon, or authorized physical stores like Best Buy. These sources guarantee genuine Ledgers that meet the company's stringent security standards.
Source: Pontem

Could Phones Be the Future of Hardware Wallets?

Hardware wallets have long been considered the gold standard for safeguarding private keys. However, as technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, could phones be the next frontier for hardware wallets?

Phones are known for their convenient and user-friendly interfaces, making them potentially suitable for generating wallets and completing transactions. However, concerns about online security and the potential for private key leakage are valid considerations. In contrast, air-gap wallets, which are disconnected from the internet, provide an additional layer of security.

It is difficult to predict the future of the market, but phones or devices from companies like Samsung or Apple could potentially offer features that compete with or enhance hardware wallets. However, there is also the risk they could create a closed ecosystem, charging fees for every transaction, similar to the current practice of app stores like Google and Apple.

Nevertheless, blockchain platforms like Solana are working on a crypto-native mobile device to eliminate this monopoly and threat of centralization.

Setting the Standard: How Ledger Manages its Responsibility as a Prominent Player in the Crypto Space

Ledger stands out as a company that takes its responsibility seriously in an industry where security breaches and social engineering attacks are a cause for concern. By learning from past mistakes, Ledger has implemented measures to improve its security protocols and safeguard user information.

Nevertheless, Ledger's commitment to excellence goes beyond just security. User experience is also a key focus. Recognizing the inconvenience of using separate devices for transactions, Ledger is constantly working on enhancing the user experience through its innovative solution – Stax.

As the crypto landscape evolves, Ledger remains vigilant to emerging technologies, – such as cloud-based solutions – and is confident in its ability to adapt and stay ahead of the curve.

Ledger's Market Dominance: Over 6 Million Devices Sold

The FTX crash served as a wake-up call for many crypto holders, who realized the importance of owning their private keys instead of relying on centralized exchanges. Ledger witnessed a massive influx of users during this time, with a significant percentage of customers switching to their hardware wallets for enhanced security.

As the demand for hardware wallets grew, Ledger's market share continued to soar with over six million devices sold to date. Apart from hardware sales, Ledger is exploring several other opportunities for monetization.

Many enterprises are also turning to Ledger for securing their assets as Ledger offers tailored solutions for businesses, providing advanced features and customization options to meet their unique needs.


Ledger is a leading technology company that specializes in providing hardware and software solutions for secure cryptocurrency management. Ledger has gained global recognition for its high-security hardware wallets, which are trusted by crypto holders, investors, and businesses alike.

Ledger users can connect to the Aptos blockchain and interact with dApps on Pontem Wallet. The integration makes it possible to swap APT and other assets on the Liquidswap DEX, as well as interact with other dApps using Ledger hardware wallets.


Pontem is a product development platform that enables global financial inclusion through blockchain technology. Pontem is developing infrastructure and decentralized tools for the fastest and most scalable Layer 1 blockchain – Aptos.

The Pontem Wallet is the gateway to the Aptos ecosystem available for Chrome,  Firefox, and iOS. Pontem Wallet users can send and receive tokens, connect to decentralized applications, and explore the Aptos ecosystem.

As a result of its partnership with Aptos, Pontem has developed foundational dApps like the Move Playground IDE, Liquidswap AMM, and ByteBabel code translator.

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