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The Ultimate Guide to Pontem Blog


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Pontem Blog is where we aggregate all of the educational articles, announcements, and more. Whether you want to keep up with the market events, learn the latest Pontem news, or find a useful tutorial, Pontem Blog has it all. Let’s take a walk through the features of the blog, and what you can find in each:

Main Page

You can navigate to Pontem Blog via the tab on the mainpage of our website, https://pontem.network/, or visit the site directly at https://pontem.network/blog. You’ll see the blog’s main page pop up, where you’ll find numerous tools all in one place.  


On the right side of the screen, you’ll see the latest announcements from Pontem. This includes any updates to the roadmap, partnership announcements, milestones reached, audits updates, app updates and more. If you click on “learn more”, you will be taken to the Announcements section under the “What’s New?” tab. There you will find an archive of all announcements in chronological order.


If you scroll down the homepage, you’ll see the tutorials section, with a lot of the extensive guides we create for crypto users. These tutorials cover various features of Pontem’s dApps, such is  how to use Topaz Marketplace in Pontem waller or how to bridge tokens on Aptos on LIquidswap. There are also knowledgeable guides such as guides to liquid staking and more. Click on the “learn more” shortcut to the “Tutorials” tab, which contains more content.

Crypto Education

Here you’ll get a glimpse of our latest crypto education articles. Gain in-depth insight into new and old crypto topics alike in this section. Learn about DeFi, blockchain audits, NFTs, Web3, tokenomics and more. Clicking on “Learn More” will take you to the “Crypto Education” tab where you can scroll through every educational article in the Pontem Blog archive.


Ever heard of our Fireside Friday or Waterside Wednesday livestreams? Pontem hosts a livestream across multiple platforms every Wednesday and Friday, sometimes just AMAs, sometimes Pontem hosts guests, you never know what the live will bring! If you missed any of the livestreams, you can find the recaps here. “Learn more” takes you to the “Events'' section of the “What’s New?” tab.

Community Hot

Looking to become a part of the Pontem Community? Community Hot can help you get started with some of the latest articles from the community. From helping you avoid scams to telling you about the latest hacks, you can learn a lot from your peers. Click “Learn more” to be directed to the “Community Board” tab.

Aptos Ecosystem Best Dapps

Check out a few of the best dApps in the Aptos Ecosystem. Click on the icons to view the individual page of the app where you’ll find more information on what the app is and links to its social media. “Learn more” takes you to the “Aptos Ecosystem” tab where you can find an extensive list of the Aptos Ecosystem.


At the top of the blog page you can find a list of organizational tabs that take you through the Pontem Blog archives. Here instead of just the latest articles and announcements, you can find the extensive list of everything we’ve published. Let’s walk through the tabs and what you can find underneath them:

What’s New?

What’s New? Is a combination of three sections. The first is Announcements, where you can find all the latest updates to Pontem Network and its apps Liquidswap and Pontem Wallet. Scroll back through all the developments made. The second section is the Events section which is an archive of all livestream recaps. You can even find recaps from the community in other languages if English isn’t your first or preferred language. You never have to miss a livestream, you can just check out the Events section to catch up! The third section is In The News which is an archive of all the news articles that talked about Pontem Network.

Crypto Education

Under the Crypto Education tab you will find an archive of all of our articles on the latest topics in crypto. Blockchain is complicated technology, and we want to make it easier for all of our users to understand what they’re using. Our educational articles dissect complex topics and make them easy to understand for users of all levels. From the latest topics in crypto to those that have been around since the inception, you can learn the industry for free.

Community Board

Our Pontemite community is pretty tight and involved, and we want to make sure they have a space in our blog. Under the Community Board tab you will find all of the latest articles from users in the community. These can include helpful tutorials, tips on how to keep your funds safe, rundowns on new projects, and much more.

Aptos Ecosystem

The Aptos ecosystem is relatively new and experiencing explosive growth. It can be hard to navigate, but Pontem aims to make it easier for users to learn about the projects helping build out the ecosystem. At the top of the page you can use the filters to navigate to a specific category of applications in the ecosystem such as DeFi, Launchpads, Meme, NFT, Wallets, and more. If you’re a project on Aptos that would like to be added to our tab, click on the pink “Submit a Request” button to submit a form.

Clicking on the project’s icon will take you to their personal page where there will be a description of the project, a list of exchanges it works on (if applicable), if the project is live on the mainnet, and other Aptos projects that are similar.


Underneath the Tutorials tab is an archive of all the tutorials Pontem has written up to aid users in using some of the applications on Pontem products as well as Aptos in general. Using some crypto applications can be complicated due to UI and other factors, that’s why Pontem aims to make it as simple as possible by providing users with detailed instructions on how to connect everything. Learn how to bridge tokens to Aptos, use DEXs on Aptos and NFT marketplaces on Pontem Wallet, and much more. Each tutorial is extensive, ensuring that every step is covered.

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