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SuperLumio is live on mainnet – try our new EVM L2


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After Lumio on testnet comes SuperLumio – a rollup built with the OP Stack that will soon become part of Superchain, an emerging network of L2s spearheaded by Optimism. Here’s how you can try our brand-new rollup on mainnet right now.

What are SuperLumio and Superchain?

SuperLumio is Pontem’s latest L2 initiative – an optimistic rollup for Ethereum and uses EVM as the execution layer. It’s built using the OP Stack and is fundamentally a fork of Optimism. You can expect the speed of execution and gas fees to be the same as on Optimism, therefore. As of the end of February, the average fee for sending ETH is $0.17, and $0.34 for a token swap.

Very importantly, the use of the OP Stack will allow SuperLumio to support proto-danksharding, the new Ethereum scaling solution that will be implemented in the Cancun upgrade. It should reduce transaction fees on rollups by up to 100x – including on SuperLumio. This means you’ll be able to send ETH for less than $0.01! Check out our article on sharding for more info.

We’ve launched SuperLumio using Conduit – the leading solution for deploying customizable rollups. We’d like to thank the Conduit team for their support and for creating such an awesome product, which can cut the rollup launch cycle from months to weeks.

One of the reasons we decided to build on the OP Stack is so that SuperLumio can become part of Superchain – the future network of interconnected rollups that all use the OP Stack technology. They will share security, governance, bridging, a communication layer, and upgrades. Other potential members of the Superchain include Optimism mainnet itself, Base, opBNB, Lisk, and others. Superchain is one of the most exciting things happening in the rollup space, and we are proud to be part of it!

How to use SuperLumio

SuperLumio is now live on mainnet, so it can be used to make real transactions. We are currently finalizing a new version of Pontem Wallet that will support SuperLumio; the Lumio network that you can see on the list in Pontem Wallet now is the testnet. Meanwhile, you can already add SuperLumio to MetaMask with the following parameters:

1. Name: SuperLumio

2. RPC: https://mainnet.lumio.io

3. Chain ID: 8866

4. Coin: ETH

5. Block explorer: https://explorer.lumio.io

The native gas coin is ETH; you can bridge it using this bridge that the Pontem team has set up. Alternatively, Superbridge should soon add support for SuperLumio.

Once you have SuperLumio activated in the wallet and some ETH, you can send ETH to other addresses.

Very soon, we will also open access to the NarSwap DEX for SuperLumio so that you can start swapping tokens. A concentrated liquidity DEX (CLMM) for SuperLumio is also in the works.

To summarize, the feature release progression for Lumio should be more or less as follows: MetaMask support → Bridge → Pontem Wallet support → NarSwap DEX launch. The order can change, though, so do follow the news on X, Telegram and Discord.

SuperLumio vs xLumio vs Lumio

Lumio is the overarching name for Pontem Network’s grand L2 project. It is execution- and settlement layer agnostic, so we can make versions of Lumio that support different blockchain VMs and settle on different L1s. We have started with EVM and Move VM and with settlement on Ethereum, but we could potentially add Solana, Avalanche, or Cosmos.

SuperLumio is the first mainnet iteration of Lumio, with EVM for execution layer. What we used to call Lumio on testnet has been rebranded as xLumio. It supports both EVM and Move VM, and we plan to use it as a production-grade experimentation sandbox.

For now, we will keep distributing WL spots for testing xLumio as we have been up to this point. Nothing is changing for xLumio right now, though in the future it will also go live on mainnet. We are looking into the possibilities to merge Move VM-based xLumio onto SuperLumio; at that point, we’ll be able to test new features on xLumio first and then deploy them as upgrades on SuperLumio. This is the same approach as the one used by Kusama and Polkadot.

We will keep updating this announcement as we activate new features for SuperLumio, so stay tuned to the announcements in Telegram and Discord!

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